This second Full Moon of March is somewhat of a surprise because it has contradicting energies and a feel-good factor while still asking you to hold back. Libra is an air sign and sometimes shows too much of airy tendencies. They make big plans but following them becomes difficult. Be aware of the grounding … Read more

New Moon in Pisces – 17th March 2018

  The New Moon in Pisces is happening on 17th March with the Master Number “22”. New Moon is the time of creation as the creative energy of the Divine Mother or the Dark Feminine or “Kali” is spread throughout. This New Moon the theme is “mystic energies unravel” as it’s in the 26 degrees … Read more

Karma and the Golden Rule

Karma and the Golden Rule can decide our fate, destiny and life. The Law of Attraction works with Karma. In all religions and spiritual traditions, the Karma rule means the same. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam all speaks of the same rule. Karma is a teacher, a spiritual teacher which wants us to grow and develop … Read more