5 Life-Lessons I learnt while creating my Website


Am I an expert on websites?? No.

Am I an expert on life??? Still getting there 😀

So why am I eligible to write about the lessons???

I’m on the verge of starting my life again and it feels real good. I’ve been taking measures to ensure that I take the right actions, move past the negative & redundant energies (read: people/circumstances/work) that’s not working for my highest good, I’ve learnt my lessons and is open to learning more, but taking back my power has been the most fruitful of them all.

And since all of these makes me super-conscious and sensitive to everything’s that’s happening & that I’m allowing to happen, so my higher lessons are coming through mundane life circumstances. And since I’m privileged enough to understand them, I’m happy enough to share too 🙂

Creating a new and better website has been my way of starting my life & work again. I knew my path alright, but still I didn’t know. I was walking the path one minute and then bam, an “A-ha” moment crashes in and I see what & how I need to streamline my work, my dharma.

With the website, as I started formulating the design and what should I write in it, I started a journey, I didn’t even know about.


Life-Lesson 1: It’s not about perfection but progress

I was trying to get my head around the design of the website and what should I write. I had already used many websites as inspirations, but nothing was working. And the write-ups for each page, they were kind of driving me nuts.

I’ll create one design write the details and then, when I’ll put them on word (I’m a journal person 🙂), I’ll find something missing.

I’ll create a design (inspired) and then when I’ll visualize it, won’t find anything of me. I wanted it to be perfect but it wasn’t happening.

After a month of trial and errors, I was like, ‘Let the website designer do this for me’. But what about my signature in there, what about my connection (I know I’m a control freak at times). So, I prayed & prayed for divine intervention and kept researching for inspiration.

At the end of the month I gave in and to my surprise I became aware of a simple fact, that even when my website wasn’t up to the mark, I was still attracting people/clients. And then I remembered Marie Forleo’s statement, “It’s not about perfection, but progress”.

Whatever you find on my website is me trying to keep up with my inner-growth & awakening.


Life-Lesson 2: Don’t compare, you are unique & special

I already told you how I was hankering after inspiration trying to be perfect. And as I learned that perfection doesn’t matter (I knew it but knowing didn’t stop me from chasing after it!!!), perfection is again the beauty in the eyes of the beholder, so I also learned that even in creating a website, I must remember not to judge and compare myself and the work I was intending to do.

Well, after I had glimpses of the reality of my dharma, in small doses I was prompted to create these unique services which I was practicing even with my earlier service-avatar but didn’t thought of putting it out there.

The work was so strong, that it would leave lasting imprints and changes in many. And with this uniqueness I was still going mad over inspiration forgetting how special my work was or how special my gifts were.

As I moved past this barrier, which wasn’t difficult, as I practice non-judgment daily, I found how beautiful it was to create something from the scratch and enjoying it without knowing the end-result.


Life-Lesson 3: Happiness is detachment, but detachment isn’t inaction!!!

While creating my website, and learning about my plight (was so attached with the idea of it that the creative process was turning out to be a dread), one of my friends suggested, “Why don’t you follow detachment, leave the website be for some days; and then when you feel a little settled, go back”.

2 things I want to point out here, 1st, detachment is not “Inaction” or not taking any kind of action towards the project or the circumstance you’re trying to detach from. 2nd, inaction do has its usage in some forms of detachments.

To start with inaction never worked for me and I know other ways to detach myself and keep working. This approach has always helped me stay centered & calm thus spurring my growth. But for many of us detachment is also inaction, moving out of the sphere of too much passion, aggression and actions taken. It’s like a little oasis in the middle of the raging desert.

Having said that I’ll also put in that I’ve seen many people, who on the pretext of detachment will stop all growth & development completely. Their inaction extends to freezing all goodness, soul-growth and going back to the old ways of life (No, I’m not joking).

It’s a delicate balance. But that balance is very individualistic and has to be reached without stopping our growth in any way.

With me, as an old soul, detachment always works, see the website 😊


Life-Lesson 4: Give your burden to the Divine

In our day-today reality we completely forget the divine, we think it’s not “Practical” enough to lean on it. And while meditating & practicing yoga, we’re all about the divine within and spirituality.

What happens after that 2 hrs.??? “Reality sets in” is it what you’re thinking??

What is reality, it’s what WE DECIDE for us, whatever we believe in, the stories we tell our-self, and the thoughts we entertain day in, day out. So, after that 2 hrs. of coziness with the divine the energy just burns out due to our cynical thought and we can’t use any of it in our day, which keeps us miserable, stressful and anxious.

When we start collaborating with the Divine in everything, starting from the meals, the shopping, the work, the relationships, health, creating a website, everything is taken care of, literally.

Detachment is far easier when we keep the divine, with us and with the work/situation/circumstances. Mine worked so well, so why not yours???


Life-Lesson 5: All in Divine-Time

We’ve been hearing this since our childhood day, “everything happens at the right time”, but has that stopped us to try to manifest everything fast. We even include the word “fast” in our affirmations. As Monk Dandapani puts in, we can’t hack the growth of a child, the same way everything has the right time to appear.

Waiting for it is another way to dwell in the happiness of the knowing that whenever it does, it’ll be worth it.

Let the time come, let things appear for you, to you and remember that can only happen through you.

My website may not be the perfect one, but it’s loved and cherished.

What do you think?? i will love to hear your thoughts on this. 

Leave a comment below.


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