Activate your ABUNDANCE CODE with the 9 Days of the Goddess

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Activate your ABUNDANCE CODE
with the
9 Days of the Goddess

Every year we have two seasons dedicated to the 9 Days of the Goddess in Hinduism. Did you know both these festivals falls close to the spring & autumn equinox every year???

Equinox is the time of the year when the portals for new opportunities, ideas, life is opened to all without any prejudices. It is also the time when the Yin & the Yang, the Divine Feminine & the Divine Masculine are completely balanced.

The 9 Days of the Goddess happens after or during the Spring & the Autumn Equinoxes every year highlighting the strength of both of them which are balancing the nature, the climate, the environment of that time and giving everybody an opportunity to start anew the balancing of life with new intentions, new manifestations, new energy ascension to create a beautiful life.

The best way to integrate the energy of each of these two equinoxes comes with the Goddess Times.

Coming to the Goddess, did you know that The GODDESS really is the Abundance Code inside our DNA, our System which we’ve either reconnected to (so we know) or haven’t. I am completing the 41-Days Abundance Activation with the Angels of Abundance and this piece of information is from that course.

You’ll think what does the Angels have to do anything with the Goddess???? Archangels and the higher strata of Angels each have a beautifully balance Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and this Divine Feminine is the Goddess!!!!

During both these times of the year, you can activate that Abundance Code, and it’s not only confined to the religion Hinduism. Goddess Code is within all the humans as we’re a collective whole. The significance of each day will catch you unawares as each day is dedicated to one aspect of the Goddess, lets explore them.

The 1st Day is of Goddess Shailputri.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Shailputri-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

She’s said to reside in the mountains as she was born as the daughter of the King of Mountains. “Shail” means mountains and “Putri” is the Sanskrit of daughter. She is also known as Goddess Parvati, the name comes from “Parvat” again a Sanskrit word for “mountains”.

She is the nature Goddess, the Goddess who is our ROOT CHAKRA. Please note that I’m not saying that Goddess Shailputri IS ASSOCIATED with ROOT CHAKRA, I’m saying that Goddess Shailputri is our ROOT CHAKRA!!!!

So the 1st day we worship her or get connected to her and request the Soul of our Root, who is Goddess Shailputri to take care of it even when we at times can’t.

The 2nd Day is of Goddess Brahmacharini.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Brahmacharini-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

Goddess Brahmacharini is the unmarried form of the Goddess who isn’t merged with her Consort or the Divine Masculine yet. She has her eyes set on only Shiva and for HIM she does a very strong “penance” (= Brahma). She is Brahma (Penence) Charini (Follower). She doesn’t indulge in the intimate act of merging with another till She finds her right mate. And for that she’s going through a period of great Yoga.

Her significance lies in controlling the basic urges of our Sex until we’ve found that right partner, and on the higher-level, it’s about connecting with and balancing with our Divine Masculine within so we can become the powerful vessel of manifestation.

That is how many of the yogi’s can turn things just by thoughts. The 2nd Day is activating this Supreme Power in our Sex Chakra.

The 3rd Day is Goddess Chandraghanta.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Chadraghanta-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

The Goddess Chandraghanta is one of the “Ferocious” or “Raudra” forms of the Goddess. She’s the marries form and she easily induces fear to the evil and wicked in opiur mind, inside us and outside.

She is the Navel Chakra + Spleen Chakra as her work is to transform the negative evil (fears, doubts, self-sabotaging emotions & thoughts). She has the Half-Moon always adorning the forehead showing us that our Navel has the power of the instinct/ Intuition and also the power of slaying them or transforming them so they can’t affect us.

She rides a tiger or a lion, both are the symbols of bravery and courage. The strength that our Navel Chakra has can be used in this form too.

So, the 3rd Day we activate this powerful powerhouse inside us.

The 4th Day is of Goddess Kushmanda.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Kushmanda-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

The Goddess Kushmanda is the Solar-Plexus Chakra. She resides in the core of the Sun, and indicates that our Solar-plexus is important to our Soul (indicated by the Sun). Our Solar-Plexus is where our self-love is either highlighted and is a strength or is marred with doubts and fear and so is suppressed.

Her name Kushmanda means Little Warm Egg (ku = little, ushma = warmth and anda = egg) and corresponds to the Cosmic Egg or the cosmic birth point within our Solar-Plexus, the energy of our physical body.

On the 4th Day we activate this potent energy so that we are able to plough on without having doubts and fears, and even if there is, we know how to deal with them.

The 5th Day is dedicated to Goddess Skandamata.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Skandamata-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha” 

Goddess Skanda Mata is named thus to show that She has is the Mother (Mata) of Skanda, His Master. Skanda is the Karthikeya, the Lord of Planet Mars and the Commander of the Army of the Gods against the evil.

She is shown carrying Skanda in her lap while she rides a lion. She is a Warrior Goddess, who can defeat the Ashuras (read negative, harmful forces/energy) without any weapon. She only has lotus in her hands showing Her enlightened state.

She is the Throat Chakra. This is the space where we can defeat all our past life bad karmas, negative thoughts-emotions and our cords or association with evil (people/situations) which are harming us.

The 5th Day we activate the power of the Soul of the Throat-Chakra to defeat/transform all negative into positive.

The 6th Day is of the Goddess Katyayani.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Katyayani-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

She is the Third Eye & is associated with the Planet Jupiter. She holds a sword in Her left-hand and a lotus in another indicating the transcendent quality of the 3rd Eye which can transmute our worldly negativities and connect us with the higher frequencies of the cosmos. She’s not to be trifled with and so the 3rd Eye of the ego which stores arrogance, aggressiveness, rudeness, contempt, stubbornness, worry is transmuted to the 3rd Eye of the Spirit which is all about creating a pure channel while connecting and activating both 3rd Eye and Crwon Chakra.

On the 6th Day we activate the 3rd Eye so that the Kundalini can be activated.

The 7th Day is of the Goddess Kaalratri.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Kaalratri-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

The Goddess Kaalratri is the ferocious but enlightened/activated form of the 3rd Eye. She is the very powerful 3rd Eye which can destroy all evil in its path to liberation.

Her name means the death of the “Kaal” or “Ignorance” which is Earthly Time!!!!

She is the destroyer of all evil eyes, jealous eyes, karmic cords, negative cords of attachments. Due to Her ferocious form people fear her with little understanding there.

On the 7th day with Her as our 3rd Eye we can resurrect/reactivate the rightful powers that it holds.

The 8th Day is of Goddess Maha Gauri.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Kaalratri-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

She represents purity and austerity and is our Heart Chakra.

She is shown as radiant & compassionate and she shows the true color to our heart which is green or white. She is the Abundance Goddess who can attract all abundance this world can provide.

The more we detach from the outcomes of our materialistic manifestations, the more happiness comes in, making our manifestation successful because then the activation energy of the Heart Chakra is at the highest. 

On the 8th Day we activate the power of our Heart Chakra which can transcend us to the highest of our siddhis/powers.

On the 9th Day we connect to Goddess Siddhidatri.

“Ya Devi Sarva-bhutesu Maa Siddhidatri-Rupen Samsthitha

Namastasyei Namastasyei Namastasyei Namo Namaha”

Legend is that Lord Shiva worshipped her to gain all the 9 powers and He merged with her creating the form of “Ardhanarishwar”, the form of the balance of the Divine Feminine + Divine Masculine.

She is the Crown Chakra.

When the Crown is activated, it opens us a whole new dimension of awakening, attracting & creating.

So the 9th Day is used to activate the Crown Chakra which also assimilates all the energies from the 8 Chakras to activate our Abundance Code.

When we know how to activate each one of them throughout these 9 days, we’re able to activate our Abundance Code on the 9th day for a whole year.

We may also keep transmuting, shifting through this period of a year to keep activating higher and higher levels of that code.

I use the Fire Energy to help me heal all my Chakras with the help of these Goddess Spirits of the chakras and this year I didn’t take up any healing for the 9 Days as I did earlier, because I wanted to heal + transform.

This is the Homa Therapy I did everyday throughout the 9 days and this image is of the 8th + 9th Day mixed together.

This energy is very powerful and will bring you healing + transformation. If you want to know how, write to me or join my group Inner-God Vibrations @ FB where you’ll find the shared technique.

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