Activation Session is the right choice for you,

If you wish to see and experience the next level of awakening.

If you want to re-connect and activate the presence of your Inner-God within each cell of your bodies (Physical, Energy, Astral, Buddhic).

If you want an energy-shift/ paradigm shift that will bring the required synchronicities into your life and create the balance required.

If you want to strengthen your ties to your body, understand and work with it.

If you want to activate, awaken & strengthen your connection with your Inner-God, on all levels so that you’re able

to strengthen and reach the next level of your clair-abilities or other innate powers.

There’s also a chance to see your divine life-path or the future that had been created just for you.

Overall this session will bring out your highest potential and will show you your superpowers and strength.

This session should proceed at least 2 or more than 2 live Inner-God Healing Session with precisely this session

as the goal. Depending upon our ascension and progress, our karmic residues and our determination this session

can have varying degree of effectiveness, but surely there will be positive growth after this session and will

push you forward to wherever you were during it.

This session is done with the utmost care and if any time before the session, when Paulamie is preparing,

she gets the message that you aren’t ready, she will refurbish the charges to you but she won’t go ahead with

the session. She will guide you about the when and how’s of it. If Paulamie is facilitatng this session, she is been

guided by your Inner-God.

This session is awakening and activating and Paulamie keeps it safe for you, for your highest good.

Details of Booking the Session

After you purchase (and book) your session (details below), you will receive an email from Paulamie. Remember to add your Skype username or Whatsapp number, FB details and your email (depending on where you want to take the session), so that Paulamie can contact you at the scheduled time.

Paulamie will be notified automatically of your booking.


$ 333
  • 60 + mins



Paulamie is so supportive and compassionate and made me feel so safe and relaxed throughout the whole process which has been so profound for me. I feel a much stronger connection to my intuition and Higher Self and as a result am able to find inspiration, confidence and motivation with much greater ease. I am also comforted to know that I can easily connect to this part of myself whenever I need to and without difficulty. I also feel that these sessions have triggered significant personal transformation within myself that have come quite naturally and without effort but have had a hug positive impact on my life! I sought sessions from Paulamie so that I could enhance my intuitive abilities and although I have achieved this with her help, I have also received more than I thought or could have asked for! Thank you Paulamie!!
Paulamie has this amazing energy and she made me feel so safe and guided through the whole process. She helped me clarify my blocks regarding my business and my self. During the healing and activation session I got personalized exercises to work on with my blocks. The activation session was an absolutely incredible experience. I could feel it in my whole body. And here she connected me to my inner God and my life tree. The results are a much stronger connection to my inner God in every day life, in manifesting and in the communication with the universe. My issues around marketing and my business is much better now and I can see with a wider perspective on how to develop it further and how to work with marketing. I strongly recommend Paulamie and her healing and activation session for anyone that wants to have a closer connection to their inner God /higher self and who wants to move past their old blocks and limited beliefs about them self.