Awakening Manifestation Reading is all about you becoming more powerful in every aspect.

Paulamie and her spiritual energy team reads your energy, both of this life time and past lives. Then the details are shared with you to help you understand your life and the situations that you are facing currently, why the delays, the roadblocks creating difficulties and don’t seem to go away.

The session is also about your own personal growth as a “Soul” and how can you reconnect with your own superpower, your Inner-God.

This is an interactive session so any questions or details you will like to share is welcomed. This session will also help you get the right tools and practices for the changes, transformation, awakening and manifestation that you need.

You may also be given some affirmations and visualizations (free) with the 1 hr. and 1hr + session.



After you purchase (and book) your session (details below), you will receive an email from Paulamie.

Remember to add your Skype username or Whatsapp number or FB details (depending on how you want to proceed with 

the session), so that Paulamie can contact you at the scheduled time.










Frequently asked questions

This session is just not an ordinary run-of-the-mill reading session telling you what “should you do”, what Should you not do”. This is a session where you become the “Main Purpose” of finding fulfillment in your life. There’s nothing you can’t achieve is what Paulamie believes in and that’s the way of your and mine higher-self’s too. This reading with your Inner-God will open you up to the potential situations that will bring joy, peace, awakening, wealth, prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life. 

Your questions will be answered and throughout this session you’ll also feel connected to your Inner-God so abruptly you may start seeing a new opportunity, or a new way to the problem.

Being open to your authentic-self in this session wil serve for your overall highest good and not only for a term-period. 

Keep yourself open and willing to receive guidance from the cosmic resource of your Inner-God. If you want you can write down your questions in your journal so that you don’t miss out anything during the session.

You need to have a copy and pen with you for the session and if you want you can record the session too, so whenever you feel like, you can come back to it and take notes.

Just before the session remain at a stationary place where you won’t be disturbed. This is the time for you alone, so sit back and enjoy the session. You can also remain aware of your breathing just to be more conscious throughout the session.

The first thing Paulamie will do is to tell you exactly what she does, so you’re with her throughout the session. She will take you through a small circle of protection and meditation where she removes any unwanted cords. She then connects with the Inner-God, yours and hers higher-self with your permission. Then she proceeds with the instruction which can be pulling out a card to reveal something or just measuring your auric or chakra energy or it can be something straight from your Inner-God.

You can talk to her about the situation or you can directly dive into your question. This session proceeds on your feeling and what you want the session to be, so before entering the session, calming your senses is a good practice.

Anything you feel like knowing, you can ask. There is no restrictions on the type of questions. Even “Yes” and “No” questions are welcomed but in a different way.

If you feel like this then there is only one answer to your question, “You are still identifying heavily to your body”, which you are not. You are your higher-self, the infinite being created out of the love & light of the Cosmic Supreme. And just becasue you have adorned this body, doesn’t make you a body. You have a brain, a amind, you have emotions and feelings and still you aren’t your mind and your feelings alone, so how can it just be the body that you are?

We are Souls, encased in this beautiful body, in an energy body, in an astral body, a mental body, and beyond that too, but we’re not just that. The bodies are a part of me and you, we’re infinite beings of love.

Meeting your own-self is exhilarating, healing, awakening.

The name INNER-GOD is not gender specific. When we move to our soul the gender is but redundant. the gender/sex that we pin on the body is the grosser form presenting duality in this dual Earth and nothing more.

So, our higher-self has no gender, it’s far more than that and so the name here is neither a male of a female, but just an expression to the cosmic power.

In any session, the most important thing is to let our enthusiasm thaw down a little after it and then go back to the session again, with the notes that you have writeen or whatever you recorded. Listen to it 3-4 times with a good time interval in between and take fresh notes, as to what are you learning new from the session, how can you include these new ideas in your daily life.

When you have done that and would like to know more, you can contact Paulamie at any time for help & support.

If your karmic brain works too much use this affirmation before the session to be open and receptive, “I surrender all my worries about this session (name the session) with Paulamie to you. Please make it useful for my growth, ascension, abundance and success. Thank you. In full faith.”


Immediately upon connecting with Paulamie I felt I was in a safe and supportive space. She took the time to explain how she works and also to connect with any questions I may have had. Her guided meditation helped me to ground and connect our energy which led to an amazing and heart-led session. I felt open and supported. I felt like I was having a discussion with a long-time friend, a trusted confidante and perhaps more importantly my guides. I felt so connected throughout the entire session. It was as though we were speaking the same language. Paulamie has a strong connection to source and Her confidence in sharing her gifts helped to make my connection to my inner God even stronger and come more naturally.

Paulamie undoubtedly works from a place of love, light and compassion. Because of her ability to work from that space, free of dogma and ego, I believe she is more in tune than some of the other people I have worked with in the past. Because of this I can absolutely see her as a trusted confidante and advisor that I would not only like to have support me on my own journey but who I would also recommend to others in a heartbeat.

Paulamie – you are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and for stepping into this space. As a lightworker we need more people like you to hold space for us and for the collective. Put simply, you just get it and because you live from a space of love and flow others will be drawn to you instinctively as you share your gifts. We all need people who will hold spaces for us to let our hair down, cry, laugh and connect. Thank you for being that source of light for me and for others. XO!

I wanted to say one more thing: As a healer being able to work with someone in a safe and supportive space is something I am constantly paying attention to. I am drawn to work with people who work from spaces of light, love and healing. The space you were able to hold for me on our call last night was something I felt on many levels energetically. I felt you softly tune into my energy and in our connection, I could feel the light that emanates from your entire being. I don't believe that this is something many people are able to do because I realize that at times many of us are caught up in our ego and feeling we need to be something to someone. You are not that. You hold space and simply allow the guidance to be received and to be shared. And through the beautiful blend of your intuitive connection with the wisdom you have to your own spiritual practice you were able to share that with me to allow for an experience that blended what I needed to soothe not only my mind but my soul.

So again - I thank you.
Paulamie, the AWAKENING your MANIFESTATION reading provided the detailed answers that I was looking for when it came to my personal blockages in my life. I’ve had the recurring issues in my life over and over again and could not ever pinpoint what was the main cause. As an intuitive myself, it has always been an ancestral /karmic issue which I’m well aware of but I couldn’t figure out where to start or meditate with that kind of vague category. You helped me see the whole picture not only through you but also through my own higher self/Inner-god. I felt like you knew how to see and communicate with me the way I most preferred. When other people read me, I feel like they see only pieces of me. When you do a reading on me, I feel like you see me as the complete whole. You sense everything about my life without me uttering a word. You just instantly know what’s going on with me. I feel like you connect most with my energetic field and the messages given to me are much more awakened and clear. Once you advised me to work on specific mantras and prayers, I tested them out and within 24 hours, the results happened very fast and I am amazed at how well you can read not only my energies but the energies of the people and the environment around me as well! There is nothing more healing in this world than to have someone understand me and KNOW the exact tools I need to help solve my problems. I have more trust in the universe with your readings. Thank you for always for your magic and your love!
Cindy Luc
Passion and Vision Healing Arts
Paulamie’s session was extremely beneficial and revealing a lot of insights and hidden patterns. I felt a big connection in our communication which brought so much clarity and relief at the same time. Paulamie was so professional, genuine and very friendly. You can feel so connected to her the moment you start the session. Her guidance was straight to the point and revealing so much truth. She was so generous giving me all the time and energy to answer in order to understand and grasp the core of her message. It was a great session and I look forward to continue using her priceless service. Big thank you Paulamie.
Jorge Abdelnoor
Yoga Instructor at Houna Holistic Center