5 Life-Lessons I learnt while creating my Website

Am I an expert on websites?? No. Am I an expert on life??? Still getting there So why am I eligible to write about the lessons??? I’m on the verge of starting my life again and it feels real good. I’ve been taking measures to ensure that I take the right actions, move past the … Read more


The word “Navaratri” literally means nine nights, “Nava” means nine and “Ratri” meaning nights. The beginning of spring and the beginning of autumn are considered to be important times of climatic and solar influences, which is why these two periods are taken as sacred opportunities to worship the Divine Mother Goddess “Durga” (DH-OO-RH-GA). The dates of the festival each year is … Read more

FULL MOON in Sagittarius May 29 – Divine Feminine Energy & Balance

  The Angels say that your material and the spiritual universe will vie for their place this Full Moon in Sagittarius. While you become easier in your dealings, there will be a surge of motivation that will help you move ahead and keep yourself inspired at all times. You’re attracting the right energy and this … Read more


    URANUS is a planet of revolutionary changes, abrupt and non-seen, never-thought kind of changes!!! It is regarded as a game changer for everything big and small. Knowing us and our earth in terms of souls and beings there’s nothing small here and so big changes are to be revealed to us with Uranus … Read more


Angels say that this retrograde all the six months try to be as realistic as you possibly can be. Pushing yourself to test different grounds because there is confusion and you’re not clear is the best thing to do. The card here suggests that there will be heightened consciousness and your Angels & intuition will … Read more

New Moon in Pisces – 17th March 2018

  The New Moon in Pisces is happening on 17th March with the Master Number “22”. New Moon is the time of creation as the creative energy of the Divine Mother or the Dark Feminine or “Kali” is spread throughout. This New Moon the theme is “mystic energies unravel” as it’s in the 26 degrees … Read more

Manifesting Meditation with Huna Prayer

Law of attraction and clear intentions go together and that is what has been tried to achieve here while creating a manifesting meditation with Huna Prayer. Prayer has great potency in creating the right energies needed to heal the challenges, blockages, and obstacles. It also helps in building the higher frequency so much needed to … Read more

5 Rituals to work with Full Moon in Cancer – 1st JAN 2018

Honor your SHIVA & SHAKTI Cancer is all about emotions, home, balancing the outer with the inner, meditation and believing in oneself. This Full Moon in Cancer is all about the Shiva & Shakti, the Yin & the Yang, the inner & the outer, so embrace your yin as well as yang side. Whatever you … Read more