Chiron is debated being a minor planet or a comet, but whatever be its “Being”, it greatly affects us and have been doing so throughout. Chiron is seen as a Centaur and is know as a WOUNDED HEALER, who was abandoned by his father Saturn.

Apollo the Sun God took him in and that is how Chiron learned about healing which is to heal and make a soul shine in its own light!!!

Chiron moved from Pisces to Aries on 17th April 2018. It was stationed in Pisces through April 2010 till now and that’s is how our ascension has started taking progress faster. People have started taking notice that there’s much more than what the physical eye can see and healers, occult and spiritualists have gained much more expansion and society too is getting influenced. Well Pisces itself is a sign of awakening and so many of us have been going through difficult times, through difficult people throughout 2010 till now just so we realize our potential and that’s how many of us have known the power within us.

We learned about our Soul and the power we have, we awakened to many levels and we started seeing the whole world in a new light. We became conscious to our mind power and our thoughts and feelings.

Now Chiron is in Aries and Aries is all about fiery passion, standing up for oneself, soaring with self confidence and self-love, vision and the will power to achieve it!!!

Chiron has lots of power, as he shows through his form of being a Centaur, that is half human half horse, that we as humans can discipline and heal our animalistic tendencies to become a force of the universe.

So, we’re really going from wounded healer to spiritual warrior!!!

How, its that during the Pisces transit of Chiron the Divine Feminine was working and so there’s this deep connection we’ve had with our inner self our yin energy, the surrender is all about the divine feminine.

Now with Aries here in Chiron, we move to the masculine and so there is this balance that’s been tried to be restored in us. The yin and the yang balance will have a totally new meaning from now on as all who have ascended to some degrees will be able to consciously experience this shift and the changes it brings to all our lives.

So, what’s going to happen with Chiron being in Aries, for 2018 the reading is,


This first card says, what we already know of the Yang energy the masculine seeking balance from us now. So, we’re getting immersed in the Divine Masculine and there’s a lot of motivation, inspiration and movement.

Card Angels suggest that this is the REAL time to RISE & SHINE and let our divine light talk to others.

I’ve been speaking a lot about being in our authentic-self and being truthful to our self, and Chiron is going to propel this truthfulness in us and helping us stand for our self. Aries being its partner now we’re more than tempted, we actually have started acting and doing rather than thinking and analyzing!!!!

The card comes giving us the insight that Universe is never wrong. The 10th house is the house of Capricorn ruled by Saturn and Saturn is one of the planets between which the Chiron is, Uranus being the other.

It means that there will be concentrated efforts on your part and a lot of unconventional changes and work we’ll be taking forth too. Saturn is disciplinarian while Uranus is expansive and unconventional. So, the energies will work with Capricorn energy of action and success.

Since Saturn is one of the main features here, it also means to watch our Karma, remembering “What we sow, so shall we reap.” So, plant the seeds of generosity in every way and things that have to get changed will change faster.



The symbol of Sagittarius is of a Centaur and with Chiron we’re dealing with another Centaur. The energy of these beings is of tamed fire, the animalistic tendencies healed and kept in control. They are mighty and are benevolent too.

It means that this time will bring a lot of heart centered change with more compassion, love and kindness being generated. Forgiveness will become one of the main techniques to happiness & success. Freedom from the past and past wounds will become necessary for surviving and expanding.

There will be lot of luck on everybody’s side depending upon the beliefs and thoughts that we project. And there will be many new avenues which will open up and you’ll always feel the urge for truthfulness. This part of being honest has already started with Saturn going Retrograde too and it’s being strengthened by Chiron moving into Aries.



THE IMPATIENCE AND THE impulsiveness have to be kept at bay this year with Chiron in Aries. At times when things may not go right, the Angels suggest that you let go and contemplate more within why it has happened and what can you do to change it rather than looking at others and the outer situation which seemed to have dealt in it.

The void of the Moon suggests that some areas will not be as strong and good as the others and it indicates the feelings, emotions and thus the relationships.

Always maintain a cautious consciousness when dealing with the relationships in your life. There might be many heartbreaks, many changes in this period and many separations in personal relationships. This separation can be in your professional partnerships and whatever it is it’ll be for your highest good and you’ll see that as soon as you allow yourself to heal from it.



THIS  card being just after the moon card indicates new relationships, new people and new groups coming into your life who’ll remain for longer term and will be for your highest good. The better part is that as you open yourself up to this group of people things will start falling into place and it will be like you’ve ultimately found your rightful place. There will be support, help, camaraderie and affection and that will give you further strength this period.

Abundance and prosperity too will be unbounded this period and whatever you thought you wanted but it was out of reach will become within your reach and your actions will help you succeed.

A great time coming for everybody with changes, shifts and success.

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