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Disclaimer: We're uncovering some truths & diving deep into our own psyche to get answers for all that pain. If you don't want to activate your power this masterclass isn't for you.

Are you seeking to uncover truths in your life that you feel have held you back?

Are you seeking to go on a spiritual journey that dives deep into your psyche to get answers to all your pain?

Are you ready to activate your power and live as your True Self?

Then this FREE masterclass is for YOU!

We will ACTIVATE the Life-Force within us to connect to the Bliss-Matrix thus moving beyond worry, fears, pain, karmic difficulties and into the bliss-filled clarity of Conscious Living and re-claiming your magical powers as a Lightworker or a Starseed or both.

In this Online Masterclass you'll learn,

The Secret Flow of Life for a Starseed & Lightworker

  • I’ll teach you what this Secret Flow of Life is, what’s the difference between your flow and that of others
  • I will share with you a practice that will help you remain in your flow
The Truth of Protection
  • You’ll learn how to uncover any hidden truths and see clearly in a situation, through a person
  • I’ll help you see the reality of connections & cords that we develop and how can we prevent them from draining our energy without keeping us aloof or cold from our social necessities.
  • You’ll also learn the technique of keeping energy-vampires, narcissists, black magic, jealousy, harmful hidden agendas at bay

The Powerful Energy Transmutation Technique

  • You will learn about the 2 energies that are tailor-made by the Goddess for the use of Starseeds & Lightworkers and which works magic in creating a new reality
  • I will teach you this technique to activate your Bliss-Matrix


We have to go through constant PAIN-MATRIX – the negative karmic cycles. Partly because we have soul-contracts and partly because the illusion-“Goddess Maya” is so powerful that She keeps us from knowing our truth.

Our truth is both uncomfortable & scary for many, as it gives unlimited power. So, wherever you are in your divine life journey, whether you feel you are connected & ascended already or you still are trying to find your path, your power knows that there’s more than meets the eye, there’s more to uncover so that you can completely & truly activate your Bliss-Matrix.

The most prominent gift that I have witnessed after I started practicing conscious living in the Bliss-Matrix is in my healing abilities as they have become stronger and at times I have to pinch myself to acknowledge this fact as it is healing me & my clients faster than ever before.

I’m drawing this comparison against my more than a decade experience as a healer. I am also witnessing totally new levels in my clairvoyant & psychic capabilities as I feel this connection so much more.

♚This Masterclass will help you connect to this new ascension level so you have clarity, understanding, insight in everything that you seek!

♚You will no longer feel confused about your life and your destiny, when you keep attracting the right synchronicity and right alignment out of the blue that you can’t find an explanation for.

♚When you know how to avoid “what” & “why”.

♚The Bliss-Matrix is much more than the name suggests, it’s a way to connect to your quantum parallel reality.

I’m given a chance to share all this with my Starseed & Lightworker family as I have a soul-contract and through this class I’m fulfilling my contract and doubling my karma as these techniques aren’t just “yoga-mat woo-woo”, but have a strong, tangible, in-the-body effect that transmutes our thought-patterns and behavior-matrix that is limiting us to create this Bliss-Matrix in your 3D reality.

We’re in this together and this is the right time to release the PAIN-MATRIX as we’re moving into the 5D reality faster than ever.

When you join this Online Masterclass you will get – 

♣  Life-time access to this class & any support you require thereafter

♣ A downloadable e-book detailing everything you learned

♣ Downloadable Meditation mp3 for your daily practice

♣ Free access to 11-Days Gratitude-Prayer Program for Abundance + Prosperity

♣ Free Meditation to connect with your Highest-Potential for advises,     support and insights

My warmest recommendation is to you if you are considering working with Paulamie. Her meditations and exercises have given me real results, a greater understanding and a much stronger picture of myself and what I am capable of. Like when I have been able to manifest dealers for my work and ideas on how to proceed with my artistry. This has helped me a lot and I am now a strong channel for the inspiration to flow through. She has given me the gift of seeing that I can achieve so much more than I first thought possible. I am extremely grateful for Paulamie's great work!
Working with Paulamie and her amazing meditations have been a life changing experience for me in every area of my life. The meditations have helped me to create clarity, stability and focus in my day to day activities for my business and my personal growth. I trust Paulamie's divine calling to lead and guide me spiritually and to help me to tap into my higher self and my inner power!

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