If you have been waiting for a sign from your spirit, then this is it!!!

Do you feel powerful and know that there are some intense energy gifts in you, but haven’t been able to tap into it, yet?

Do you want to create magic with your “healing”-“manifesting”-“yogic” capabilities, but always fall short?

Do you feel someone has put a curse on your 3rd Eye or intuitive powers?

You have been manifesting but nothings have been long-lasting (relationships, partnerships, success)?

You listen to your intuition, but are so afraid that you let others guided you to disasters/difficulties?

You keep sensing changes and shifts in your life but never intuit the required clarity?

You feel you know your “future” but it still feels an unknown territory you are dreading?

Are you seeking to get answers about the higher-level of your inner-sight?

Do you want to use these times to attract blessings for you and your loved-ones through your spiritual journey?

Do you think you are ready to be the next to activate & uncover the unlimited power of Intuition in you?

Then this FREE masterclass is for YOU!

Date – 25th March 2021

Time – 5.30 pm EDT

Duration – 2.5 hrs. – 3 hrs.

♚This Masterclass aims at connecting you to this new ascension level so you have clarity, understanding, insight in everything that you seek!

♚ You will learn a completely new paradigm of GALACTIC-SIGHT “not being exposed” anywhere else.

♚You will know how to create & maintain boundaries, so as not to absorb other’s energy, thoughts, feelings.

♚Your energy field is expanding which alerts the subconscious of a psychic-vampire, energy-vampire, due to which there may be constant depletion of energy. You will learn to protect your energy from these attacks.

♚You will learn to use these new-found, newly ascended energy for your good in your health-wealth- relationships-love-career to create new realities.

♚ Additionally, you have a chance to get a FREE channeled read with Paulamie (30 mins) **(conditions-applied)**

When you learn and practice the art & science of connecting with your Galactic-Sight, you will also get access to “the online class of Akashic Records” for free.

Learn a simple exercise (tapping method) of the Goddess with a difference which will allow you into Her frequency field of infinite abundance, information to heal ourself, to attract the Soul-Contract, Soul-tribe, for your development.

My warmest recommendation is to you if you are considering working with Paulamie. Her meditations and exercises have given me real results, a greater understanding and a much stronger picture of myself and what I am capable of. Like when I have been able to manifest dealers for my work and ideas on how to proceed with my artistry. This has helped me a lot and I am now a strong channel for the inspiration to flow through. She has given me the gift of seeing that I can achieve so much more than I first thought possible. I am extremely grateful for Paulamie's great work!
Working with Paulamie and her amazing meditations have been a life changing experience for me in every area of my life. The meditations have helped me to create clarity, stability and focus in my day to day activities for my business and my personal growth. I trust Paulamie's divine calling to lead and guide me spiritually and to help me to tap into my higher self and my inner power!

with Paulamie