FULL MOON in Sagittarius May 29 – Divine Feminine Energy & Balance


The Angels say that your material and the spiritual universe will vie for their place this Full Moon in Sagittarius. While you become easier in your dealings, there will be a surge of motivation that will help you move ahead and keep yourself inspired at all times.

You’re attracting the right energy and this Full Moon asks you to communicate with awareness so that your manifestations are the right manifestation for the fortnight.

There’s a strong divine feminine energy this Full Moon in Sagittarius and it seems that your heightened intuition is not only guiding you but protecting you and helping you reach your highest potential.

Some people won’t understand you even now and that should not be an issue. The important thing for many of us this time will be standing up for yourself in our authentic light but with compassionate-kindness to people who don’t understand.

This is what I meant when I said that the material and the spiritual will vie for each other and there has to be a balance in our actions, in our dealings to bring in the right expansion to us and our life.



Angels say that many of you will also seem to deviate from your path because of the fact that your Soul will be guiding you this Full Moon. This is nothing to be bewildered about but to know and understand the fact that you’ve started to walk the divine path of your life. And this is the right time to do it. If you’re afraid to call on the Angels and the Divine to help you out. Put yourself out there, answer that call of your heart and you’ll see profound changes and amazing miracles for you this Full Moon.

This Full Moon is a double “11” gateway as and remembers how the 11 conveys our power in our life. How we do create and work with the settings of our thoughts and beliefs and in turn are rewarded as we move forward.

Try to create a balance in your karma (thoughts, feelings, and actions) and your meditations/rituals/manifestations. Your driven now and remember that this energy of balance that you create can attract all the right miracles to your life. Remember miracles are nothing but a reward while we act according to the universal laws but is too naïve to understand the simple fact.

So, we don’t need to understand, but just keep yourself open for the energy.

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