Enhancing your Quantum Code of Abundance & Prosperity

“God created man in his own image.”

Genesis 1:27

If you have always fall short of manifesting-creating-living your dream-your visions…..

If you’ve been running around with hundreds of Coaches in the vain hope of finding their success mantra and get what you want…..

If you immerse yourself in daily rituals and practices without deriving the right results…….

Then this Program is for YOU!

The SOURCE POWER often referred to as God, the Supreme Being, Allah, Krishna, Ahura Mazda is a CODE of POWER which lies within us in our DNA-chemical bonds.

In Genesis 1:27, it’s said God created man in his own image which isn’t implying that the Source Power has a body like us or habits like us, but that the power through which everything came to life lies within everyone. We can create, heal, develop anything we want & can think of.

The truth is that you are a super-manifestor!!!!!

You already have the code in you to create the life you want. But the question is, why does this code isn’t consistent with our success and it let us fail where we would have liked to be successful? It’s because the code activation is the balance between the two most powerful energies in us. Without them in balance nothings ever achieved as the power of creation isn’t at its best.

The two powerful energies is the Yin – the DIVINE FEMININE and Yang – the DIVINE MASCULINE. The right foundation of these two aspects creates the Source-Power. The Source representing itself as the unmanifest energy of the Divine Masculine and the manifest energy of the Divine Feminine creates a vortex in us through which prana or life-force flows freely. Unleashing our God-Power is also about letting the Source-energy flow through us.

with the
which is an aspect of these two energies.

What is Gratitude-Prayer Program?

This program is designed to consciously connect-activate-ascend our inner-powers to the next level.

Gratitude have been used as a side-kick (if I may say so) to manifestation tools/techniques without anyone realizing its true magnificent power of complete & lasting healing – empowering – creating fulfilled/blissful existence – manifestation/living the new truth. Nor has been Prayers used in the right way which are to me the simplest yet the most effective of our Law of Attraction tools. 21- Days GP (Gratitude -Prayer) creates tangible long-lasting effect in just a few days.

21-days of GP is equal to 21- Days of “Healing effortlessly – Transforming Gracefully – Creating Blissfully” to bring out the best in you & I bet you haven’t yet got there!!!!

Our BEST is beyond our wildest dreams!!!!!

The Gratitude Prayer Journey facilitated by Paulamie has been such a blessing. It was a powerful ritual to add into my spiritual practice and really helped me to focus my intentions and energy for the day ahead.

The prayers were so beautiful and having a prayer written especially for me felt like it contained so much magic when I said it, tapped on it and wrote it each day. Although I’ve never really been drawn to EFT tapping, the Goddess tapping really worked for me, it felt like an ascended version of EFT and I could feel the energy shifting and clearing so much over the eleven days I did the program for.

On the tenth day of the practice I saw all my chakras opening up and shining so brightly! Something definitely shifted for me and I really feel like this work helped me to shift and clear my energy in powerful ways!

Paulamie is such a powerful lightworker and manifestation coach and mentor. I absolutely love her energy and I know I will work with her for a long time to come!


DAY 1: Connecting with your Spirit-Team of Angels-Spirit Guides, the Higher-Self to all our Higher-self-the Source-Power.

 Introduction to Goddess Tapping Method©

DAY 2: Working through Doubts.

DAY 3: Working through Fears.

DAY 4: Working through Self-Sabotage.

DAY 5: Working through Anger.

DAY 6: Working through Forgiveness.

DAY 7: Working on Vulnerability.

DAY 8: Working through Jealousy.

DAY 9: Working through Higher-Belief System.

DAY 10: Working through Protection.

DAY 11: Working on Root Chakra ~ Prosperity.

DAY 12: Working on Sacral Chakra ~ Wisdom.

DAY 13: Working on Navel Chakra ~ Abundance.

DAY 14: Working on Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Self-Love.

DAY 15: Working on Heart Chakra ~ Happiness.

DAY 16: Working on Throat Chakra ~ Karma.

DAY 17: Working on 3rd Eye Chakra ~ Transformation of Lower Energies to Higher.

DAY 18: Working on Forehead + Higher Connection.

DAY 19: Working on Crown Chakra ~ Higher Intelligence.

DAY 20: Connecting to your Incarnated-Soul.

DAY 21: Complete Surrender of Body – Mind – Ego


$ 44
Firstly, I would like to thank you for inviting me to experience the Gratitude Prayer and Personal prayer. So, I didn’t really know what to expect when you asked if you could send it to me.

From the onset of watching the personal video addressed to me, I felt a gush of positive energy, I felt excitement for what was to come. Upon reading the gratitude prayer, I automatically felt an energy shift to a better energy.

When I read the personal prayer, it took some time to get used to reading it. Trying to find the flow in the prayer. After completing 10 days I can see a shift within me and a better understanding of the power of affirmations and tapping. I really enjoyed doing the rituals every morning and chose to write it out in the morning.

I can defiantly see a new energy with you as well, which is more inviting and of light. I did feel the writing out to be a bit of a chore at first, but once I wrote it out each day, I felt so alive and excited for the affirmations I was reading.

My drive at the beginning was at a 6, but after these ten days, I would say an 9. The one clear aspect I take from this is that there is power in writing and verbalizing your affirmations.

This program is great if you have always had blocks with certain affirmations and Paulamie guides you on what is best to be written and said.

I loved it and would definitely recommend this to someone who needs an affirmation and manifestation boost.

Kind Regards,

Love and Light,

The Program covers:

  • Two e-books one detailing the usage and power of gratitude -prayer and how we can best use this program to get instant results, and the second is 21 Days Gratitude- Prayers.
  • Introduction course of Goddess- Tapping Method© and its usage (video+e-book)
  • 3- Meditations related to the three different stages of prayers.

The Gifts for you if you pre-order

🎁 You will receive a Free meditation to make your Prayers come alive.

🎁 Daily Prayers Prompts to keep you company and help your subconscious navigate towards the right.

🎁 A Free Energy Reading of your personal energy and what your Divine Twins have to tell you.


$ 44

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