Awakening  your Source - Code

“God created man in his own image.”

Genesis 1:27

You are here because, you are special, you are been
recognized as an embodiment of the Source and
you are discovering it too, you are soon to find
your divine destiny of happiness, fulfillment and

I think you want to manifest-create-live your dream-your visions, but there’s always something stopping your progress.

You have this understanding of your “gifts”, your “talents” and your “strengths” and you know you are here to do something pretty special, but haven’t yet found “the path”.

You have had your share of coaches in the hope that their success mantra will fit you, but it never does.

You have been saying to your Spirit, your Angel’s to show you something-anything-maybe a miracle to help you keep going, to help you keep the faith.

You want to become a coach, a guide, a teacher, an author, yourself; to help others, but your experience isn’t building up as you aren’t able to help yourself.

I haven’t met you, yet; but your Spirit Guides have landed you here for a reason. Without a reason of magic, nothing operates in this Universe. And this is our magic today.

I know our earthly-reality is something so difficult and even painful that we stop believing in our magic and we stop attracting them thus. But magic is always there because even if your circumstances working on your ego-side tries to pull you down, it can never do that because YOU ARE THE LIGHT!!!!

And that’s why you are here today, your Light, your Power pulled you to this.

Since you get so deep in your 3D reality, that you completely stop looking at yourself as special, but now are all about your bills, groceries, cooking, caring for others, trying to make a decent living, and not to disappoint anyone.

In all this you stop featuring in your own life, and let the magic and miracles pass you by. And in doing so everyday there is more chaos, than happiness; more confusion than fulfillment. then comes a time when you can do anymore, you are anxious, stressed and panicky all the time and all this because you let yourself be lost somewhere, let your magic go away.

We become boxed in our own limited perception of ourself and all falsity that comes with it.

⭐ I AM not worthy

⭐ I am a failure

⭐ I don’t have time

⭐ I don’t have the required attitude 

⭐ I don’t have the means for it

While you already have everything that you need or want to connect again to your magic.

And then you connect to your Source
You Awaken the Source in you

The SOURCE POWER, with whatever name you associate it with, is in reality a CODE of POWER which lies within us in our DNA-chemical bonds. Which we why in esoteric terms we are “the spark” of God.

Genesis 1:27, says, “God created man in his own image” which isn’t implying that the Source Power has a body like us or habits like us, but that the power through which everything came to life lies within everyone. We can create, heal, develop anything we want & can think of.

So, think again when you bound yourself in false limitations, limitations which are the work of Goddess Maya, the Goddess of Illusion. As our Source is present, so is she.

But now you know the TRUTH!!!
You are the CREATOR of your LIFE,
You are a Super-Manifestor!!!!!

The Power to change, create and shift lies within you, within me. 

You already have the code in you to create the life you want. But our conditioning of years have put a thick veil due to which we have developed a habit of going through the same negative karmic cycles. And we take these difficult times as our fate.

And yet, your inner-power didn’t want that and some synchronicities came up, some alignments happened and you felt this isn’t it. I have more in me than this life of limitations and that’s how you started connecting with your Soul-Power, the Source-Power., which has now bought you to this.

And you are now asking yourself, “if this even works”.

What you are going to privy to is a science of older times, when humans could do anything, fly anywhere without jets or planes, could create structures like stonehenge, and pyramids which we can’t accomplish today with the modern science.

And this is only asking your 20 mins. of your day for the next 21 Days.

If can commit to these 20 minutes everyday for 21 Days then this practice- this formula of the Source will change your life and awaken you to new welcomed realities of your life!!!!

The Source as a code is made up of
Twin-Powers which are the base of the beginning
of this World and are the base of the whole cosmos.

Hi, I am Paulamie and true to the meaning of my name which is, “Goddess of the Underworld”, I have been going through multiple deaths and rebirths in this one cycle of life. I went through a near-death experience, and when I came out of coma, I was asked to go without medication because there wasn’t any specific medication for what I was going through.

I healed myself and returned back to a healthy body but not mind. You see, my dark night of my personality (often called dark night of the Soul) had started and it took me two awakenings to become this clear channel of the Source and bring this to me and with the changes set in me, my life on the path of growth, happiness and fulfillment, now I’m able to offer it to you.

My limitation was doubting myself and thus doubting the Source, being fearful of everything and looking for doom to happen. The dark night bared to me every vices, every satanic thoughts of my psyche and it took 10 long years to do it. And when my soul asked me “What am I doing with my life”, I had no answers. From then on it took me another Goddess Awakening to come in my full power but I was also working with changing my inner belief matrix, my behavioral pattern.

My life changed as soon as I decided to take full responsibility for it. I said to myself, “I am responsible for me and my life and I will change it,  and create a new life!!!”

This was just not a statement but a bold invocation which opened the doors of blessings on me. I completely immersed myself in channeling, experimenting, researching for the 4 years not thinking about how I will be looked after and all was taken care of. All was given to me and after my second awakening I saw that, I felt it, because it was time to share what I was given, was made known to me.

As soon as you stand for yourself, as soon as
you say "YES" to your call, all doors are opened
for you. And this program is your tool to
opportunities and awakening.

21-Days Gratitude-Prayer Program includes the age-old wisdom (which is either forgotten or have become a distorted idea) of Source on which the entire Cosmos was built or I may say through them the entire Cosmos was build and is sustained.

These two energy-codes are our base of life, the life-force or life – prana is built upon them and without their presence nothing can come to life, the whole comic currents will be lifeless and meaningless.

The two powerful energies are the Yin – the DIVINE FEMININE and Yang – the DIVINE MASCULINE. When these two codes comes together in a beautiful yogic union while awakened, the right foundation is created for a life to spring forth. When they come together they dance as the Shiva-Shakti and creates Source-Power as well as enhances the presence of Source in anyone who work with them.


The Source representing itself as the unmanifest energy of the Divine Masculine and the manifest energy of the Divine Feminine creates a vortex in us through which prana flows freely. Unleashing our God-Power is letting the Source-energy flow through us.

What is Gratitude-Prayer Program?

This program is designed to consciously connect-activate-ascend our inner-powers to the next level.

Gratitude have been used as a side-kick (if I may say so) to manifestation tools/techniques without anyone realizing its true magnificent power of complete & lasting healing – empowering – creating fulfilled/blissful existence – manifestation/living the new truth. Nor has been Prayers used in the right way which are to me the simplest yet the most effective of our Law of Attraction tools. 21- Days GP (Gratitude -Prayer) creates tangible long-lasting effect in just a few days.

21-days of GP is equal to ~ 21- Days of “Healing effortlessly – Transforming Gracefully – Creating Blissfully” to bring out the best in you & I bet you haven’t yet got there!!!!

Our BEST is beyond our wildest dreams!!!!!

This program isn’t only a simple prayer with gratitude, but it involves the Angelic Presence and the presence of the Cosmic-Spirit of each Chakra.This program has deep-roots in healing & attracting blessings through clearing all veils that cover our true-nature of Light.

Commit yourself to only 20 mins every day and achieve tremendous result of awakening -fulfillment- happiness in every aspect of your life!!!!

And this program isn’t just for you, it has helped me come out of all the confusions and chaos in my life and health, helped me gain back my confidence after crushed through the dark night, and helped me as a deeply feeling empath, to stand up for myself in every narcissistic relationship I had (yes, I have more than one).

Some of the high-vibe Coaches also used this program and saw immense changes only within 10 days. 

Find out through their testimonial given below.

The Gratitude Prayer Journey facilitated by Paulamie has been such a blessing. It was a powerful ritual to add into my spiritual practice and really helped me to focus my intentions and energy for the day ahead.

The prayers were so beautiful and having a prayer written especially for me felt like it contained so much magic when I said it, tapped on it and wrote it each day. Although I’ve never really been drawn to EFT tapping, the Goddess tapping really worked for me, it felt like an ascended version of EFT and I could feel the energy shifting and clearing so much over the eleven days I did the program for.

On the tenth day of the practice I saw all my chakras opening up and shining so brightly! Something definitely shifted for me and I really feel like this work helped me to shift and clear my energy in powerful ways!

Paulamie is such a powerful lightworker and manifestation coach and mentor. I absolutely love her energy and I know I will work with her for a long time to come!
Firstly, I would like to thank you for inviting me to experience the Gratitude Prayer and Personal prayer. So, I didn’t really know what to expect when you asked if you could send it to me.

From the onset of watching the personal video addressed to me, I felt a gush of positive energy, I felt excitement for what was to come. Upon reading the gratitude prayer, I automatically felt an energy shift to a better energy.

When I read the personal prayer, it took some time to get used to reading it. Trying to find the flow in the prayer. After completing 10 days I can see a shift within me and a better understanding of the power of affirmations and tapping. I really enjoyed doing the rituals every morning and chose to write it out in the morning.

I can defiantly see a new energy with you as well, which is more inviting and of light. I did feel the writing out to be a bit of a chore at first, but once I wrote it out each day, I felt so alive and excited for the affirmations I was reading.

My drive at the beginning was at a 6, but after these ten days, I would say an 9. The one clear aspect I take from this is that there is power in writing and verbalizing your affirmations.

This program is great if you have always had blocks with certain affirmations and Paulamie guides you on what is best to be written and said.

I loved it and would definitely recommend this to someone who needs an affirmation and manifestation boost.

Kind Regards,

Love and Light,

Imagine how it will change your life in just 21 Days and for only 20 mins every day.

Think about that, beautiful, compassionate, loving relationship coming to you as you’ve always dreamed of.

Visualize yourself living the career/job you have wished for.

See yourself manifesting the dream home you have always wanted.

You feel powerful, strong, and know you can create your life the way you want to!
Health-Wealth-Happiness-Freedom are all yours!
All this through the 21 Days of committing yourself to Gratitude-Prayer Program.
Discover your true potential, your mettle, know how to create and work through every aspect of your life to maximize  success .


Day 1 to Day 10 is about
connecting and eliminating
all the veils and thus activating
our "Potential Source Power".

DAY 1: Connecting with your Spirit-Team of Angels-Spirit Guides, the Higher-Self to all our Higher-self-the Source-Power.

 Introduction to Goddess Tapping Method©

DAY 2: Working through Doubts.

DAY 3: Working through Fears.

DAY 4: Working through Self-Sabotage.

DAY 5: Working through Anger.

DAY 6: Working through Forgiveness.

DAY 7: Working on Vulnerability.

DAY 8: Working through Jealousy.

DAY 9: Working through Higher-Belief System.

DAY 10: Working through Protection.

Day 11 to Day 19 is about building up Angelic Presence
to clear redundant energies of lifetime and timelines,
Ancestral and Family-line blocks, which are the source of
endless pain & suffering and creates veils to not know
nor recognize our true Power.

DAY 11: Working on Root Chakra ~ Prosperity.

DAY 12: Working on Sacral Chakra ~ Wisdom.

DAY 13: Working on Navel Chakra ~ Abundance.

DAY 14: Working on Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Self-Love.

DAY 15: Working on Heart Chakra ~ Happiness.

DAY 16: Working on Throat Chakra ~ Karma.

DAY 17: Working on 3rd Eye Chakra ~ Transformation of Lower Energies to Higher.

DAY 18: Working on Forehead + Higher Connection.

DAY 19: Working on Crown Chakra ~ Higher Intelligence.

Day 20 & Day 21 is that unlimited, unbounded presence of us which we have
forgotten due to soul-amnesia. That is how we as profound beings of power
in our Soul-State wanted our journey to be.
These two days will work with our inner Divine-Presence to
bring this program full-circle in claiming our
awakening, our power!!

DAY 20: Connecting to your Incarnated-Soul.

DAY 21: Complete Surrender of Body – Mind – Ego

And if you are inspired by your Angel Presence and Higher-Self to take this right action and bring unlimited abundance in your life, then I have few special gifts for you.


🎁 You will receive a Free meditation worth $55, to make your Prayers come alive. This has it’s own mystical music to work on your Subconscious in a powerful way.


🎁 🎁 A Free Energy Reading of your personal energy worth $250+, where we dive deep and let your Divine Twins take over and tell you everything you need to know from past-lives, different timelines, karma, relationships, soul-contracts, akashic records and more.


🎁 🎁 🎁A Free Workshop to know & learn “The Miraculous Healing Powers of the Twin Energy of SOURCE” so that you can use it to heal yourself. If you are a professional healer you can use it in your healing for magical results. You will get the “Certificate of participation” too.

Click the button below to pay only $44 for
your Soul Manifestation 21 Days
Gratitude-Prayer program.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you order right now:

“Miracles of Gratitude-Prayer” e-book will help your receive more than you think, from this program.

It introduces the super mystical yet powerful Goddess Tapping Method©

“The 21-Days Gratitude-Prayer” e-book has all the 21 Days Prayers.

A bonus DIVINE INTERVENTION PRAYER which strengthens, enhances and escalates the power of the prayers as well as gives power to attract miracles everyday.

3- Meditations related to the three different stages of prayers.

    ~ Meditation of the Gratitude-Prayer Program can be used for all the 21 Days and strengthens our Cosmic-Roots in our body. It enhances the power of inner-sight (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience) and creates clear channels.

~ The Meditation to connect with the Archangels and higher Angelic presence is an initiation to the frequency and opens portals in us to connect strongly to our Angels of Light.

~ The third phase meditation is an initiation into your Soul-Power, the Incarnated Soul. It strengthens your rainbow bridge and your communication ability and wisdom to understand the telepathic messages increases. This will also let the soul energy flow through you even in difficult situations so that you will always have a choice for the better and you will recognize it.

A separate video-session on Goddess Tapping Method©

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