Guidance from the “Ascended Flame of the Masters”

The Awakening Manifestation Readings are now the Guidance from the “Ascended Flame of the Masters”. New dimensions have been added to the make these sessions more powerful as instructed by my guide.

During this session, which has 3 time-based variations, the rituals-methods will be the same. Paulamie is guided by one of the major channels that gives access to the Sacred Flame and its Cosmic Spirits/ Archangels. During this guidance session, Paulamie will share information that comes forth to you by the ascended Flame.

The information can be of/from,

  • Past Life/Lives
  • Akashic Records 
  • Soul Contracts
  • Karmic Matrix
  • Life-Tree Pattern

Either the information can come from all sources or some, depending upon what the Higher-Guides (Masters of Light -Hierarchy) consider is important for you to know in situations of,

    • Relationships
    • Finances/Money
    • Career – Job/Business/Life-Purpose
    • Love-Life + Partner
    • Health
    • Energy Blocks
    • Shadow-Work
    • Dark-Night/Awakening

The start of this session will be through an Invocation and ending will be by closing the circle with a short Prayer

The uniqueness which stuck Paulamie in these sessions, is the willingness of the Flame and it’s keepers – the Angels + Archangels to provide healing to the seeker throughout the session.

That’s why with the change in session rituals the timing has increased for a specific session but the healing throughout the Session is an offering from the Angels themselves.

Guidance from the
"Ascended Flame of
the Masters"
- 45 mins

Guidance from the
"Ascended Flame of
the Masters"
- 60 mins

Guidance from the
"Ascended Flame of
the Masters"
- 90 mins

I had a reading done by Paulamie in person two years ago and I was so impressed with how accurate she was so when I found myself needing a reading again it was only common sense to reach out to her again. Paulamie is a kind, sweet soul. She is the absolute best at what she does. My reading with her was on point and she later did a reading with my teenage son and he too was blown away by her accuracy. Paulamie is so easy to speak to and her beautiful spirit just radiates.  I can’t thank her enough! Words cannot express my gratitude.
Natalee M
From the start of the session till the end I felt very comfortable, relaxed and trusted in the confidence that Paulamie exuded. During the session I felt connected to my higher self mainly through the vision of Paulamie – which resonated deep within. Although at times the advise and answers that I received during the session did not align with what I originally wanted to hear… (from the perspective of the ego), I cannot deny that they resonated strongly as best for my highest good, as the true and correct path of action. Paulamie is a no nonsense reader. She was very focused, connected to my higher self and conducted the session from that space. At the end of the session Paulamie gave me tools and exercises that included specific meditation, visualizations and practices all tailored to the specific issues that came up in the session. I continue to work with Paulamie and would highly recommend her to all my friends, and to anybody who need consultation and support from their higher perspective. YC, New York.
Paulamie has this amazing energy and she made me feel so safe and guided through the whole process. She helped me clarify my blocks regarding my business and my self. During the healing and activation session I got personalized exercises to work on with my blocks. The activation session was an absolutely incredible experience. I could feel it in my whole body. And here she connected me to my inner God and my life tree. The results are a much stronger connection to my inner God in every day life, in manifesting and in the communication with the universe. My issues around marketing and my business is much better now and I can see with a wider perspective on how to develop it further and how to work with marketing. I strongly recommend Paulamie and her healing and activation session for anyone that wants to have a closer connection to their inner God /higher self and who wants to move past their old blocks and limited beliefs about them self.
I am soooo so grateful for this opportunity Paulamie! Thank you ❤️ I wish you all the best!
Hanna M.
Paulamie, the reading provided the detailed answers that I was looking for when it came to my personal blockages in my life. I’ve had the recurring issues in my life over and over again and could not ever pinpoint what was the main cause. As an intuitive myself, it has always been an ancestral /karmic issue which I’m well aware of but I couldn’t gure out where to start or meditate with that kind of vague category. You helped me see the whole picture not only through you but also through my own higher self/Inner-god. I felt like you knew how to see and communicate with me the way I most preferred. When other people read me, I feel like they see only pieces of me. When you do a reading on me, I feel like you see me as the complete whole. You sense everything about my life without me uttering a word. You just instantly know what’s going on with me. I feel like you connect most with my energetic eld and the messages given to me are much more awakened and clear. Once you advised me to work on specic mantras and prayers, I tested them out and within 24 hours, the results happened very fast and I am amazed at how well you can read not only my energies but the energies of the people and the environment around me as well! There is nothing more healing in this world than to have someone understand me and KNOW the exact tools I need to help solve my problems. I have more trust in the universe with your readings. Thank you for always for your magic and your love!
Cindy Luc