Inner-God Vibrations healing is more than a psychic or energy healing. It combines the energy of the Cosmic Being, the Inner-God of the Universe, Chakral Vibes, Intuitive Astrological placements of Planets, mantras (power of sound), in such a way to bring lasting & powerful effects to the situation/condition being worked upon.

Inner-God Vibrations Healing truly believes that our Soul knows what to heal and how to heal, and if we align our-self at any moment of crisis to our Inner-God, we can do any kind of healing, even what we call a miracle healing.

The truth of this healing is that it works wonders and shifts and activates the DNA.  It also realigns the neuron, creating new possibilities with the mental, emotional & physical health.

On the holistic level it clears away blocks so that the energy of your Inner-God, flows through you easily, thus making healing the secondary stake (because it anyways happen), and creating such beautiful circumstances in areas we dream of, that it is manifesting & ascending too.

This is the culmination of all the wisdom given to me starting when I was just starting with healing & had a terrible accident and had a head injury. When I came out of coma using my hands and leg was difficult bordering to painful.

I not only healed myself but started working to heal all the spiritual and energy abuse that had been going on with me. This healing removed my veil and helped me see through my ego too, the fears, doubts and fear of success that had me holding back for so many years.

This is a “no-touch, no-drug” healing, distant healing.

Paulamie is a Reiki, Pranic, Angel Healer, a Shamanic practitioner, who works closely with the power of sacred symbol and of our higher-self, Inner-God.

What Will Happen during the Session?

The sessions are for you to receive abundance from the universe in the form of physical, mental & emotional well-being & balance. It’s a simple process for you as Paulamie will guide you while answering your questions and going through the chakra/aura reading process.

You may be asked to be seated or lay down. You will be needed to relax and/or close your eyes while just assimilating the energies.

Paulamie will constantly guide you, communicate with you throughout the session about her feelings while you will be welcome to make a rejoinder.

Will I Feel Anything?

Each one of us experience energy differently. Some may feel warmth, tingling, goose bumps or will just have a knowing that the energy is working through them. Some of you might feel a sense of peace, calm within and even lighter.

 Paulamie has seen that people who are not ever have been attuned to the energy can feel them during the session. Inner-God Vibrations is not only safe & harmonious but it connects you deeply to your core of power so your healing is rapid & easy.

But if you don’t feel anything that’s good too. For some of us it takes time to open up as we feel vulnerable. Don’t rush the process, trust in you and the universe. When you place your trust, your divine sensitivity will re-connect with you because you see its always there, but since you have built a wall so it can’t connect. So just relax and enjoy the session.    

After the Session

Each individual is different and so the self-care and consciousness after a healing session is different. Paulamie according to the information she receives during a session talks about it but some self-care tips work for everybody.

  • Drink a lot of fluid (non-alcohol) including water
  • Ground & Centeriyourself everyday
  • Shielding everyday
  • Remain conscious of thoughts every few hours a day and work on changing them
  • Create a diary where you note what you are feeling through the next few days after the session (Healing triggers areas which are hidden from consciousness but affect us in the worst possible way)
  • When you encounter any new feelings or thoughts center yourself again
  • Take at least half an hour for yourself
  • Practice Meditating and working with Angels & Guide

This session is for you if you feel it or

If you have faced fears and still they linger in your subconscious to hold you back, and all the time you keep fearing something bad will happen as it always does, when something good is about to enter your life, if you feel you are not worthy of what you dream of (good relationships, good money, a good job, the soulmate), if you feel stuck and you encounter roadblocks every time you want to move further.

If you have self-sabotaging behavior, have suffered or is suffering from depression, self-denial, lack of self-love, anxiety, stress, anger & aggressive behavior, insomnia, chronic headaches/migrane.

If you feel that you have not been able to heal yourself and your body, mind and emotions has attracted the issues and problems of the individuals whom you heal or the people your do reading (tarot/oracle/shamanic) for.


$ 150


$ 77

If you’re looking for a long-term healing the there are special prices to help you. Write to me stating your details and how often will you like the healing to be.

Frequently asked questions


Just before the session, slow down, sit somewhere comfortable and relax

Focus on your breathing as you take little sips of water

If you feel for it, light a white or green candle and be aware of the flame for sometime

Crystals can be near you, but avoid wearing them during the session


Be silent for some time

Focus completely on yourself and the sensations in your body

Let yourself be as you are without wanting or exoecting anything

After Paulamie guides you, drink some water

She will also guide you to grounding

This session is highly powerful & profound and at times have bought unexpectedly delightful results, not forgetting that we are at a very different energy levels from each other and at different ascension levels too.

Don’t measure your experience with your friends or with the testimonials here.

This healing is all that it says it is, because after the healing you’ll feel it too, no exaggeration there. Inner-God is us in our highest state of being and our subconscious is our gateway to it. Throughout my different works I try to achieve only one goal, to align all of you to your Inner-God, because I have had my moments and I know how magical and powerful it is.

Throughout the session/sessions and after that you will feel amazingly positive and centered. I believe if the energy-work isn’t getting translated in our day-today life then its futile, and that’s the dharma I work upon. You will feel empowered, positive, confident, happier, calmer after the session/sessions. These states will bring to you solutions to your issues, wisdom which wasn’t there earlier for dealing with your stress, anger, frustration, fears, clarity on everything’s that going on in your life, more understanding of yourself and your life.

It totally depends upon your issues and how you are assimilating the energies. If you have a physical chronic issue, it takes time, if there’s a relationship problem, that too depending upon if both of the partners are working or just one. Which is why I have different packages (apart from what mentioned here). If you feel you need more, DM me at info@paulamiedas or talk.


The start of my session with Paulamie was so comfortable, I could feel that she specially took this time for me. Her warm smile and calm voice immediately put me in a relaxed mode I felt free to say and ask anything

The whole session was a soulful experience where I felt in touch with my soul and spirit. The meditation gave me an experience where I felt like I was flying with her holding my hand into another realm of peace and ease. Her guidance opened me up to release the tension and doubts I had with my business.

At first, I didn't know that my business has a soul. Paulamie explained it so clearly, I immediately started feeling the connection and I could communicate with my business soul as guided by Paulamie.

I'm starting a skincare business, for which I'm currently sourcing skincare products with a goal to eventually manufacture my own products. Before our session I had been searching for a supplier with the kind of products I want to expand to while studying the making of my own. Most suppliers worked out expensive and they would not allow me to rebrand the products. One of my prayers for the business was that I sell effective products at affordable prices for my target clientele

That same week after the session (3days after) I came across a supplier with exactly the products which address the skin conditions I had in mind plus they allow me to rebrand. This was definitely a great and immediate manifestation for me. Each and every day solid ideas keep flowing to me about how best I can market my products to reach my target market, branding idea's come easily with little hesitation than usual. I have found someone who is willing to do my branding design for free...another immediate manifestation.

Yes, I have been experiencing synchronicities since the session, it's been numeric synchronicities of 555 and 777 at most.

I am looking forward to the full manifestation of my business, I truly appreciate Paulamie's support and guidance throughout. I appreciate her genuinity and empathy, and will like her keep doing what she does with her calling and soar higher and higher❤ I'm so grateful for you Paulamie and I love you. Keep rising beautiful soul 😍
Nomfundo Mahlangu
Nomy Fly - The Beauty Brand
I have been working with Paulamie for a while. She has made such a difference in my whole outlook on life and we have made big progress with my health issues. I feel that she has given me a new way to see my life. She has introduced me to spirituality. Not religion. Spirituality that I can bond with and make it my own. My self-esteem is 300% better. So is hope and self-confidence. My health issues are getting better. These are huge improvements. To just stop hating myself and beating myself up is healing beyond my wildest dreams. I trust Paulamie completely. She is a sincere and gifted healer. She truly cares about the people she is helping. F. Karen
F. Karen
My journey with visualization meditation was not easy at the beginning. I tried to do it at least 2 times a day when I was feeling quieter, so in the morning and in the evening. Because of the tiredness, it was harder in the evening because I was also fighting the sleep, but it went better with time. Even if I was following your voice, the first 3 days I was always being bothered by my own thoughts. The thing that really helped me was to stay focused on the feeling of joy and happiness I would feel being in that company. That feeling helped me a lot and thanks to it, it became easier to visualize me holding my paycheck for example, following your instructions. During the day, I also tried to revive this feeling as much as possible. And then, the magic happened . Thank you so much for everything!
F. Akosiwa
The Inner-God Vibrations feels like vibrating through my body & mind. I am so happy to have heard my guides and asked for the healing. The pain in my body is better and my heart seems filled too. The Visualization you gave is wonderful. I feel the energy that you sent. Thank you for the wonderful healing.
S. Nocholas
I have been doing the visualization meditation and it’s like I feel so good than before my pain has also decreased and i feel full of energy and vitality. I know that this will cure me and I can’t wait to unfold more as I go deep down for the answers I seek. Lots of love and peace. Thanks
P. Rahul