Kundalini Awakening & the Truth

Lost in the awe at the beauty around me, I must have slipped into a state of heightened awareness…It seemed to me, as I struggled afterward to recall the experience, that self was utterly absent: I and the chimpanzees, the earth and trees and air, seemed to merge, to become one with the spirit power of life itself…Never had I been so intensely aware of the shape, the color of the individual leaves, the varied patterns of the veins that made each one unique. It was almost overpowering.

—Jane Goodall, Reason for Hope

Kundalini Awakening isn’t just a spiritual awakening but is far more than that; as it’s not mental but physical.

As a follower of Eastern mysticism born in India, I had heard stories about Kundalini and its awakening and how in ancient India during the Sanatana Dharma period, when Hindu religion wasn’t a “religion”, people will do anything to awaken this energy starting from beating themselves up to bruising their root center and then to more established methods like tantric sex and meditation.

And also, because in spite of some “kundalini cults” proposing to raising Kundalini, it can’t be maneuvered till its awakened!!!! So, to take advantage of this powerful energy it has to be awakened first.

Yoga which is hatha yoga isn’t a proven way of raising Kundalini nor awakening it, neither is our strong wish during a meditation for Kundalini can tempt it into awakening from the sleep.

This Sleeping Beauty is only awakened when its Prince visits it, the Prince being the Soul-Energy, Shiva -Energy above our Crown. And just to let you into this secret, Sleeping Beauty is one of the many fables of Kundalini, the sleeping beauty at the base of our spine for whom the Price goes through the forest and meet the 7 dwarfs, the elementals associated with our Chakras.

What is Kundalini – the Spiritual Science in conjunction with the Physical Science


Kundalini is the “Devi Energy”, the Divine Feminine everyone seems to talk about but very few know how powerful She is and how unfulfilled without Her Divine Masculine. On that a little later.

In Spiritual Science and its ascended knowledge of physical and other bodies that we have, Kundalini is the energy which is at the root of everything living, breathing. She is the root of matter, and with Her our World is formed. In human body She likes to reside as a coiled energy (which is why She is related to serpents’ coil) at the base of our Spine which is also the tail-bone area and to be exact Kundalini resides in the triangular sacrum bone in three and a half coils.

As our Root and Sacral areas or Chakras are two sides of the same coin so the lower part of our pelvic structure has Her hiding there.

Our Spine is also secretive with its Ida, Pingala & Sushumna Nadi’s and when Kundalini awakens, the energy starts to spread throughout the whole chakra system and through the Nadi’s, our Spine.

Apart from these astral projections, in our physical body Kundalini moves through our nervous system and affects the brain tissues and nerve ganglions in a certain way that changes the way we see the World, totally and irrevocably.

Effects of Kundalini Awakening

Swami Muktananda, Gopi Krishna, Samael A. Weor who had a Kundalini awakening and didn’t know what to do gives us a glorious account. And my own experience with Kundalini isn’t mental or emotional, that comes later or alongside the raising of Kundalini, but its purely physical and how even your physical eyes, ears, power of smell and touch changes before anything else.

Kundalini Awakening along with profound mystical experiences and your first real connection with your Higher-Self (because you’ll feel them in your body) will also bring a lot of physical discomfort for some years at least.

What Kundalini starts doing once activated is bring you profound bliss, so much so that you’ll feel you’ve merged with everything and everyone. When this euphoria ends which can be fast like lasting for a few seconds to minutes or for a few days, you will start feeling your body through the various pains and issues it will start going through.

What I’m going through currently is revelations about the blood-line I born into which is ancestral patterns, and long with that intense body pain and pain in my Root Center, so much so that I am not even able to sit for hours on. During the first year it was intense 3rd eye pain, stomach pain which is there but subsided a lot. With Kundalini rising in your boduy you may also feel powerful bursts of energy and totally lack of it too. This is one stage that is continuing in the 2nd year too.

With my clairsentient which also includes clairvoyant and clairaudient the effects have intensified and many a times have given me sleepless nights. Clairsentient is good as far as my profession as a Spiritual coach, Healer & Reader is concerned as I see my won accuracy of predictions, like the havoc water can play in the world in 2021 and that’s what has happened already in Mexico and Germany. But along with that there are some irritating issues with it, like hearing someone talking clearly in my ear knowing that they are talking upstairs in their apartment, like waking up just with a slight noise where earlier I had been a heavy sleeper, seeing powerful images throughout the night to keep me awake, to see, feel myself in other frequencies when I hadn’t a wink of sleep, to look at a situation and knowing it’s idiotic even if it had blown out of proportion in my life.

I am without any physical presence of a Guru who will guide me, so I’m going through whatever I am guided to, and reading a few experiences written by people who have had theirs, but even with my limited experience I know that if my Shiva Energy wasn’t powerful, wasn’t providing me the will, the Kundalini would have burnt me out within these 2 years. She is clearing the path to rise up, like in everyone and that’s a strong experience, but since my Kundalini wasn’t forced to awaken, I’m better equipped to cope with it.

I have read all about the glory that She provides to Her awakeners, and I will be dishonest to say that within these 2 years (not yet complete) I have had my glimpses, but even without it, when Kundalini awakens, giving you that proper experience with your Higher-Self, know that there will be nothing else you will want!!!!

Some other myths about Kundalini

That Kundalini is evil because it is compared to the snake in Eden in bible. I hope these people sharing the propaganda of Kundalini being evil haven’t seen their nervous system or how it flows through one’s body like a snake, or that since the energy of Kundalini is coiled so the relation to serpents. 

And that they don’t even know that the snake in the Garden of Eden have bought the fruit of wisdom to the female so that when she finds her way back, she can with that inherent intuitive power!!!!

That Kundalini or Divine Feminine has anything at all to do with FEMALES ONLY!!!! The merging or marriage of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine isn’t what we have come to know about marriage, equality of sexes, spending time with each other, raising a family. Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine can’t ever be attributed to the gender!!!!! As both these energies are the aspect of the Supreme Being and without the interplay of Divine Masculine with Divine Feminine we won’t be alive or we won’t know the World as it is.


So Kundalini needs Her Divine Masculine, the Shiva or the One to keep Her energy in check and not devastate the bearer that is you and me.

Kundalini Awakening is like taking the daunting path to mastery, and I hadn’t want it but it came to me and I am wise enough to go on healing with Her and wait for the right timing for my complete capitulation and surrender. And if you want that to know that no amount of hatha yoga or any other manipulative technique can awaken your Kundalini, but only your honest inner-work of healing and working through shadow and meditation can do that!!!!

Effort and practice my friend and see how you rise and shine.