Know more about your current mate


About connecting to your Soul-Mate

The simple fact about love is that the right relationship will uplift, inspire, gently push you to be abundant, growth with love and happiness. It’ll never judge you and belittle you, insult or be abusive to you.

In this session we can see why you haven’t met your right mate, and if you think you have, then what’s going wrong and why. If you’ve been single a long time now (even while doing rituals and trying to manifest) why Universe isn’t rewarding you, and what can be done, what shifts are required to attract & manifest your partner.

We’ll also see how to awaken the right energy in your emotion and mind to make the manifestation success with ease, what had been there for you to learn with the wrong relationships, and why should you move beyond your fears & longing to find true love.

This session is special as it’ll also have an Inner-God healing session to release & align.

Note** If you chose the email guidance, your healing will be delivered remotely at a day & time of your choice.


If our heart is blocked somehow, then it has a huge impact not only
on our love life but also on our overall abundance. With many hidden aspects uncovering and then with the healing session to release and align, you will
feel lighter with a lot of difference within you in a few days.

You will come to understand yourself and your wants better, and you will also know how to attract your soul mate.

Timing for everybody’s success may differ depending upon the evolution stage they
are currently in and the lessons they need to learn, but conscious work
will create an energy vortex in your DNA that will create situations to attract & manifest your love fast.

Details of Booking the Session

After you purchase (and book) your session (details below), you will receive an email from Paulamie. Remember to add your Skype username

or Whatsapp number, FB details and your email (depending on where you want to take the session), so that Paulamie can contact you at the scheduled time.

Paulamie will be notified automatically of your booking.



45 mins


60 mins


90 mins


$ 88 45 MINS
$ 111 60 MINS

Frequently asked questions

This guidance session will focus on the energies which aren’t working for you in your love life. Paulamie knows that energy doesn’t compartmentalize our life. If our life is not looking up on a certain aspect, it simply means that there’s something we’re missing.
It applies to our love aspect too. Paulamie with the help of your higher-self will be guided towards the right portal and the right answers.

Keep yourself open and willing to receive guidance from the cosmic resource of your Inner-God. If you want you can write down your questions in your journal so that you don’t miss out anything during the session.
You need to have a copy and pen with you for the session and if you want you can record the session too, so whenever you feel like, you can come back to it and take notes.
Just before the session remain at a stationary place where you won’t be disturbed. This is the time for you alone, so sit back and enjoy the session. You can also remain aware of your breathing just to be more conscious throughout the session.

The first thing Paulamie will do is to tell you exactly what she does, so you’re with her throughout the session. She will take you through a small circle of protection and meditation where she removes any unwanted cords. She then connects with the Inner-God, yours and hers higher-self with your permission. Then she proceeds with the instruction which can be pulling out a card to reveal something or just measuring your auric or chakra energy or it can be something straight from your Inner-God.

You can share with her your details or can directly dive into your question. This session proceeds on your feeling and what you want the session to be, so before entering the session, calming your senses is a good practice.

Our authentic-self wants to see us happy and living an abundant life. Love is one factor to it and if our ego-self always wants to see what’s bad in us, our Inner-God wants us to know that we’ve immense power to transmute and play alchemy expert to change any situation so that we can live a totally fulfilled life.

So yes, our Inner-God will do everything to help us.

If your karmic brain works too much use this affirmation before the session to be open and receptive, “I surrender all my worries about my love life & this session with Paulamie to you. Please make it meaningful for my growth, ascension, love, abundance and success. Thank you. In full faith.”


Paulamie’s session was so helpful to expose some of the things that I’ve been struggling with in my life. She provides great insight into things that maybe holding you back and then gives you tools to empower you to make necessary changes to live in a happier and a more fulfilling way. Since the call and implementing Paulamie’s recommendations along with the meditations she provided, I’ve been feeling much lighter, more aware of my though patterns and more in tune with myself. The best part of the whole process is that she empowers you to make the change, it’s completely internal, you don’t have to rely on anyone else. I highly recommend her services, they were a total game-changer for my own well-being and happiness.
Angela Hanna
School Counsellor at Unity Preparatory Charter School
Paulamie create a safe and welcoming space for me to receive authentic guidance and insight. She was very warm and extremely professional. I found her style of practice to be pure and ethical while simultaneously deeply connecting with her client. I have major life transitions happening regarding relationships/friendships, relocating and career…. Paulamie was able to provide much clarity and precision when answering questions and guiding me through certain issues I’ve had doubts or confusion around. I’m so grateful to Paulamie for the service she provides and the integrity and talent that come along with her gift. I highly recommend working with Paulamie and will be using her services again in near future!
Lauren Grieco
Social Emotional Learning Instructor and Impact Coordinator at Yes! For Schools