Attracting Money isn’t about money at all, but our being emotionally & mentally. These 10 Windfall Techniques will help you reestablish Faith in Miracles.

Money isn’t simply the notes and the coins that we see, it’s an energy associated with the abundance-factor of our life. Whenever there’s a money crunch, it thus indicates a block, a fear, a self-sabotage in disguise working against the abundance-consciousness of our thoughts, emotions and energy.

You may have been working with the Law of Attraction but I am quite sure that it hasn’t bought you success, not at all times. when the initial euphoria phases, we find that we’re no way better than we had been before with same struggles, same difficulties arising.

The truth always remains the same. The Universe isn’t ONLY about this LAW which has been exaggerated to the point of deluding people and serving the EGO!!!!

If you’ve been the victim to this glamor of useless actions spanned through years and yearn for true fulfillment, abundance & prosperity, Congratulations you’ve move through the initial hurdle.

These 10 Windfall Techniques, has been derived not just to do superficial work and leave you high and dry after the initial miracles, but they when persisted with continuously presents a totally new way of life, a new way of being effortlessly that you’ve been trying to achieve with lots of effort.

What will you get after your purchase?

  • An e-book with the 10 Windfall Techniques + more information to ponder on.
  • Videos related to the course
  • 3 Meditations for Prosperity
  • A Free Healing for 7 Days + Meditation based on the healing.
  • A Free Prosperity Affirmation e-book

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HANNA MELIN@hannabanana.se
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I have worked with Paulamie before so I knew this was going to be special and decided to go with the flow. The first practice felt like, “Yes! This is fun!!” I was really exited. I had to translate the text to Swedish to get the real feeling for it. And when I had done this everything changed. I could feel the transformation inside that Paulamie speaks about. The synchronicity started to happen and unexpected money started to come here and there. Now things come up to the surface. My blocks that I so desperately have hold on to are now ready to be set free. Due to my contact with my Inner-God/higher-self through this course, I’m so much clearer now and I'm so grateful for this. I feel so guided and cared for. This process is not always sunshine and ponies but with my best friend - my higher-self I'm ready to continue this work. My progress was not being so stubborn and to let myself be guided by the universe. Paulamie’s support throughout the course was outstanding!!! I felt I could ask anything and no question was stupid. And even if I don’t have English as my spoken language I could by the help of Paulamie manage all the practices. She is very present. Paulamie is amazing and I love her work so this will be incredible!!!!
Gabriela Boza
Gabriela BozaConsultant
Engage, trust, I cannot describe what an amazing feeling I have trusting knowing I have somebody holding up for me. Calm with peace. I have experience bundle with the group it was a magical experience. After practicing the techniques/rituals, I feel that I’m rich inside and outside. Abundance is everywhere, and I deserve to be part of that. I can feel the special care of this spiritual force. I can feel secure. Loving myself, the importance to value myself, first. Before I can give to anyone. Because of this course, I started loving myself more, is more assertive in what to ask for. Clarity and Precision, Stability, self-care. Money. I was able to earn money as well. Paualmie is excellent, she was always sharing her experience. Holding up every participant of the group. Answering any question, doubt and giving advice on our path. She’s an amazing guide that you can rely on. I would definitely recommend this course, because it would give you the opportunity to manifest, to open your mind, to work on your limitations, and give you the right techniques to apply. You always have options to manifest in different ways. You can choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and enjoy this beautiful growing process. I recommend Paulamie, because I have seen changes in my life.