How come if I say that this New Moon in Aries is like our Cosmic Mother Goddess and HER energy enter in the head, the higher mind of the cosmic being and since SHE is, know that there’s a rush of creative energy everywhere, however you use it.

In Vedic Astrology Aries represents the “Head of the Cosmic Being” and this month as Sun is in Aries, so New Moon is bringing together the Yin & Yang, the masculinity & the feminity, the balance, that there is in the universe.

So this new moon is way too interesting and driven with a strong purpose.

Creativity will rule the roost. If you’ve been stuck in as situation for too long, or frustrated beyond your comprehension of good and bad, you’re sure gonna find a way. But don’t think it will be conventional as it won’t be. It will be something out of the box and you will be delighted that you have the solution now.

There is this chance of meeting new people, getting acquainted with some past soul-mates (not romantic and romantic) and building a group of your own. It will seem like you are floating into a new territory which is your personality as at times you’ll outdo even your expectations from yourself. Aries is all fiery but remember Cosmic Mother is all peace, so when these two opposites meet they will create powerful and amazing energy. Synchronicities and coincidences and connection to your higher-self, your Inner-God will be amazing and strong, you will go from strength to strength in your healing, reading and coaching business. Everything will fall in place.

Remembering the other aspect, that the fiery Aries is said to be the “Head” of the cosmic being and what I feel is it’s the Higher Mind of the Cosmic Superme, which in a way bestows this New Moon of unlimited power and unlimited potential like us.

What we need to do is mirror those energies into our life with this awesome meditation



Before you start the ritual, learn more about the energies of this New Moon in details below with your higher-self, your inner-God so that you have clear intentions for the mirror meditation and the whole ritual, and then jump right into the ritual.



What will you need

Sage or palo santo (for cleansing)

Sage leaves or bay leaves (For the ritual)

Write your intentions down in your journal

Chose a space where you won’t be disturbed and which is clutter free

Sit in a comfortable position

Write down your most important wishes on sage or bay leaves

Keep them in front of you

Start the mirror meditation and I ask you to mirror all cosmic energy into your wishes, blessing them, do with the sage/bay leaves and your journal

After the meditation spend some time in silence

Now burn those sage/bay leaves

Visualize the best that’s possible for you

Then detach


Leave a comment below. Will love to hear your experience. The more you share your’s, the more others are helped & supported. Thank you.


Be your highest potential.





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