New Moon in Pisces – 17th March 2018


The New Moon in Pisces is happening on 17th March with the Master Number “22”. New Moon is the time of creation as the creative energy of the Divine Mother or the Dark Feminine or “Kali” is spread throughout.

This New Moon the theme is “mystic energies unravel” as it’s in the 26 degrees of Pisces which is the number 8. 8 is the number of charisma, manifestation, infinite as well as Saturn, the Lord of Karma and 22 being the Master Number of creation and Manifestation, this New Moon hold amazing energies for you.

March in itself being an interesting month of the start of the astrological new year, and also has two Full Moon’s which sandwich a New Moon or the New Moon energies bridging that of the two Full Moons’.


This New Moon is going to heightened our intuition and it’s been happening lately isn’t it? You have this knowing suddenly at times of crisis or at times when things are really important and many of you who have already listened to the signs are rejoicing because they have been protected from unpleasantness.

There is also an increase in your confidence on your abilities to do things and even manifest what you want. When earlier things used to be a little dubious for you, now you’re ready as you feel more, you know more and have this amazing motivation.

Another advise from your soul is to avoid emotional dramas. This is the time to heal past wounds and sadness, forgive and let go, stand for your own healing and health. Forgiveness is not to go and talk to the person who have been rude or bad in some way to you or you don’t have to go and ask for forgiveness if you think you’ve been in the wrong, forgiveness can be done remotely and works wonderfully when the energies are corrected thus.

There will be changes this new moon to the next and your Soul wants you to embrace the changes happening as they’ll shift the energies so that you can attract your dreams better and manifest and hope further. Which is why you can work with me to get a personal mantra that’ll work for your manifestation (details below)

Be open and willing, surrender is what Pisces New Moon asks from you which will allow the universe to work through you.

Pisces is also a sign of dubiousness, confusion and escape, so if you feel your ego-self is pulling you backwards and want you to stop your warrior mode and overlook situations and challenges then be very sure that success is around the corner and so your karmic or ego self is finding it difficult to hold onto you.

Don’t let escapism or chaos subdue your shine!!!!

Remember what your Soul said in my Full Moon Reading of this month “Soul Reading – Full Moon in Virgo March – CHANGE from CHAOS to BEAUTY” that Karma will give you glittering opportunities to rise and shine & for that you need to stand up for all the challenges coming your way because the number 22 is manifesting and in an infinite (8) way.

Another aspect that you should work on is being disciplined and organized and when discipline comes into the picture it’s about keeping your own commitments to yourself and that way you’ll be able to keep them to others. Building your trust in yourself is a long and strenuous process and everybody who have achieved it are successful in manifesting whatever they have hold dear to.


I’ll send you blessings everyday till the Full Moon time, so your understanding of situations is enhanced, you’re able to see beyond the veil of superficiality, you can gather your strength the right way and work with the pathway you’ve created for your manifestation.

You’ll receive a mantra to chant for 3 days and then every 3 days a new one. It’ll help you magnify your inner power and use the intense energies of New Moon for your highest good.

Understand there is no instant manifestation but miracles are scientifically worked out dreams which manifest in our quantum reality and for that we need to start working now!!!!

Free is 1 mantra and 3-day blessings

Pay only $15 to get 4 mantras till 31st March and Reiki and Angel Blessings

Write in the subject line as Free New Moon March or “Pay New Moon March” and you’ll receive further details.


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