Angels say that this retrograde all the six months try to be as realistic as you possibly can be. Pushing yourself to test different grounds because there is confusion and you’re not clear is the best thing to do.

The card here suggests that there will be heightened consciousness and your Angels & intuition will be talking to you in every aspect of your life, but the card represents Neptune which is also about deception, DISILLUSIONMENT & chaos, which will be there.

There might be some times in these 6 months when your beloved family might turn pout to be more than a responsibility and you can feel burdened by the demands.

Self-preservation is very necessary.

The card also suggests that when you keep on endeavoring sacrificing your ego and that’s what makes Saturn happy, you will be happy. If you’re looking for any relationship, be it romantic or partnership, always be patient and be wary of somebody who comes as polished and seems too good to be true.

Angels also suggest hard work, where you stop asking “Should I” and start saying, “I must”. When you let go off all the preconceived notion and the paradoxes that binds your thoughts and beliefs and start thinking in a complete new way of being, you are breaking free of the old mold and embracing the new, which is so much required right now.

Whatever you do, don’t let disillusionment set in, but remain alert, keep your routine up and don’t get disillusioned about anything!!!!

Some tips to make these times your true friend: Work with the Karma cleansing meditation, work with violet flame, work with the blue ray of manifestation, work with the Sun Mantra, the Shiva Mantra and the Saturn Mantra.

While working with any of these 3 mantras call on the Archangels Zadkiel, Metatron & Michael.

This is the time to show the integrity you have within and if and when you stick to your morals, like a Leo who is not afraid of anything but remains in its power, its majesty and integrity, its strength of personality and when we show it during these 6 months, Saturn is bound to reward us with amazing clarity, successful manifestations, positions of power and recognition which we never have had.

The card angels ask you to remain firm and rooted in the honesty and TRUTHFULNESS that you have. There might bee a temptation to spend a lot of money, but the time is not right to do that. Spend whatever is required but without going overboard. I can’t say don’t take risks because that’s how the business thrives but try not to be whimsical and too rash where money is concerned.

Saturn dampens the playfulness, but you can be playful, you can trust the universe always and you might meet certain new people in your life who might not be your cup of tea but you’ll find them great source of help & support. So, putting judgments is a big NO-NO.

Be as conscious of each moment as you can be.

The card Angels also suggest to surrender. Do everything in your power to become the good channel and work through it but never strengthen your ego. If arguments ensue, be the first to move out wand don’t keep resentments. Be the first to forgive and forget and move on. Without surrender things will be difficult these 6 months, but with it you’ll attract miracles.


Some tips to make these times your true friend: Do grounding and cleansing your Aura every single day. Centering will be good too. Accept energy form Earth and send blessings to her.


And when you are reaching the end of the period be sure that Saturn will present to you lots of abundance and prosperity in every form. Depending upon the degree of ascension, learning and understanding you took during these 6 months period your manifestations will flare up. Saturn is the Lord of Karma who makes a king out of a pauper/broke, so be sure of doing the right thing and busting your karma with the tips I have provided as well as being aware of every thought you have, every spoken word to yourself and others and all intentions of your action. See to it that it doesn’t harm you or anybody else and is not associated with satisfying your ego self or feeling rather more self-important and more deserving than others.

We’re special and deserving but so is your fellow soul, so when you judge this way putting yourself on a pedestal and others down below you’re playing directly in hands of the ego which is why Saturn is placing all that difficulties in your path.

If we are good learners, fast ones we’ll see great success in this Saturn retrograde. This is really the true time of rising and shining and the more expansion to us in every way.

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