SOUL READING for FULL MOON in CANCER 1st January 2018

The Cancer Full Moon on Jan 1 is one of the majestic events of 2018.

The energy is of Shiva and Shakti, the Masculine and the Feminine and this is the first time I’ve ventured to do a Soul Reading for the Full Moon drawing its soul to know what it is important to us at this intense and intensive time of shifts & changes.

While I felt a lot of action coming forth in the outer world, in our physical reality, I also saw the inner urge of turning to our inner being, our I AM presence because the true peace and tranquility of being, just being in this life of ours is understood only when we connect with our divine presence, our inner being.

For the whole video click below:


Have you been indulging in self-pity and victim mentality?

Are you sad and miserable?

Are you flighty and have loads of doubts?

If yes, then shift your thoughts as soon as possible.

Because the opportunities and energies of drive will take you towards what you’ve wanted in your mind and emotions when you have turned your focus to.

There is also this urge of balancing the inner world with your outer reality. “There is nothing to be changed, everything is as it is to be in this universe including your life”.

This awakening, this ascension, this shift is our New Year of 2018. Universe is all geared up to support you in your endeavors, just be aware.

Happy New Year 2018!!!!!

The Link to the e-Journal is given below:

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