Soul Coaching – Healing & Manifesting your New Reality

Throughout the 12+ years of Paulamie’s professional journey in spirituality & mysticism, she has learned one thing, that we can’t compartmentalize our life. Although we do it all the time, but in the frequency of higher-reality, it never works.

If we’ve issues in one aspect of our life, that energy percolated down to even the best areas of life to make life more difficult. Which is why when we had had a bad relationship experience, other relationships too start going downhill, or suddenly our business starts to suffer, not to say our inner motivation and fire experiences a nose dive.

We’ve 8 important life-aspects, and I like to call them our Soul-Aspect because through each of them we can see our own energy and how we’re managing, expanding & upgrading our-self to become who we’re – the super-Magnetic, Powerful, Infinite Being. These 8 aspects are,

  1. Ego
  2. Occupation (Work/Business)
  3. Finances
  4. Relationships (including love)
  5. Physical Wellbeing
  6. Belief- matrix
  7. Spirituality
  8. Community/Fraternity

We often think, that if one aspect of our life isn’t working the best way to deal with it is overlooking that aspect and continuing with life. That’s the worst self-sabotage one can ever do to themselves. Because then this wounded and not healed aspect spreads throughout your life and everything starts falling apart. And this takes a few years time or for some who are highly sensitive, empaths, can take only a few months.

And the end of it all, we keep thinking “why”, or even we start working through this diseased energy, but by that time it has grown so much that only deep-meaningful work can get things back on track.

Soul-Coaching is about that. This service was earlier named, “Healing & Manifestation” because with the deep work that goes in it, we’re actually healing & manifesting at all moments. The techniques are powerful and these tools are all experimented and experienced in my life.

After my near-death experience and healing my body from the aftermath, then being in this limbo of working with the energies, throughout my Dark-Night so my own power increases helped me gain experience and confidence in these techniques.

The work that Paulamie does, has some important criteria’s,


            Not spilling the beans (Your life is kept secret).

            New path for you, as Paulamie believes, everyone has a unique code imprinted in them.

            The recipient is the “key” to everything.


What can this Soul-Coaching bring to my life?

The main aim of this coaching is to release all veils hidden or otherwise, all negative vows, all limiting belief system, all diseased matrix from your system forever, so that you’re free to live your best life, realize your highest potential and use your own power of sovereignty and that which comes from you being that unlimited self!!!!


The Healing aspect of this Soul-Coaching is inclusive of inner-child work, shadow-work, working with our Astral world as well as our higher mental reality to help you in gaining back your inner-power, connecting to your Infinite-Self and manifesting it in your day-to-day 3D-Reality.

When we aren’t well in any aspect of our life, it’s an indication to take a deep look at things within and make a conscious effort of knowing-releasing-attracting. It’s also because we may not be levelling up to our potential and our Divine-Team wants us to know, realize and experience our own power.

This Soul-Coaching is unlike other Coaching as Paulamie believes in you and your powers (hidden or otherwise), and so she always delivers tools and techniques that are not only specific to you and your situation but these unique tools and techniques are yours to keep and use for the rest of your life.

Paulamie believes and knows that whatever is delivered to you through her isn’t just her personality but your Higher-Self, your Source power delivering to you through her; and so, the techniques remain true to you forever.

Soul-Coaching not only helps clear, confusions in career, in life, about your life-purpose, clears all self-doubts, fears of success (always hidden), but also has the potential to attract your right relationship/s, a better lifestyle, an aligned job, increase in your credibility as a business person/authentic person, attract the Soul-Clients, achieve your full potential, be the unlimited presence that you are.

This Soul-Coaching also helps you navigate through your Dar-Night with ease and grace, and no not all general ideas of releasing dark-Night will work with you, because you are different and your life-path is different too.

Unlike self-help books, Paulamie and her Soul-Coaching doesn’t believe in the one-size-fits-all advice, or a pile of information that you’re left to digest and implement on your own. Instead, we help you create a plan that’s tailored to your purpose and desires, and support you through every step of the journey as you put it into action.

We also provide accountability, which helps you to stay “in action” even when you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated.

That way, instead of getting a lot of advice, not knowing how to use it all, and putting it on the shelf, you can get all your questions answered, start acting right away, and make fast, consistent progress toward your purpose and your dreams.

We’re about building a happy & fulfilled life, whatever it means for you.


What does the 3-months & 6 -months Partnership entails?

The session starts with reading your individual energy, your Natal-Chart energy, your Archetype Energy, for knowing the blocks, the energies that aren’t serving you, the hidden aspects, and your power-strength and dominion. This helps in creating a “path” for the next 3 months or 6 months for your healing & manifestation.

Then we also look into your Akashic Records, Past-Life, Vows and Cords that are still working havoc in your system and life. After discussing them with you, we agree on the process-the path.

Then the Dynamic Plan for each month begins which includes,

  • AT the start of each cycle (1 cycle = 1 month) the natal chart transits are looked at for detours and healing aspects needed for the year and next, as we’ll are into the “initiation” frequency.
  • JOURNAL Prompts shared every cycle considering the energies intuitively and the intentions from the seeker and their Natal chart transits.
  • Meditative-Journey developed for you, so you can receive the energy send every day.
  • Powerful Invocations for the month.
  • Counselling session every week.
  • One-on-One Healing Session once every Week.
  • Daily Fire-Ritual video to receive the required healing.
  • Learning Sessions twice every month (subject to change) to know your own energy and have an everyday tool at hand to deal with urgent situations (Self-Mastery).
  • Every month energy read + Card Read + Akashic Records Read + Past Life Read Free.
  • One free talisman-service of your choice (Only if the sessions aren’t discounted).

If you want to change your life starting now and want to be responsible for its expansion, growth & success then contact me to know more about the plans.

Paulamie is a Reiki, Pranic, Angel Healer, a Shamanic practitioner, initiated into the Kundalini Energy and the sacred symbol by her Higher-Self & Goddess Master-Guide.


1-Day Session (1.5 hrs)

If you are oscillating between “I do need this” & “I may not need this”, then talk it out with Paulamie in a Session of revelation – your hidden aspects of Soul, Past-Life and Healing Session.


7- Day Session

What to Expect: A 7-Day Session is about initiating changes, help you unlocking courage to work with your inner potential, guiding your mind to tap into the Source-Power to make the right decisions, to heal pain, discomfort or any other symptoms from the Dark Night of the Soul and Kundalini/Awakening.

This Soul-Coaching works with helping you in making the right changes in the patterns and inner-grid for heralding the Awakening Process. Since it’s only 7 Days, so we can only feel changes in your thoughts + body. 

If you want to change your life completely 3-months and 6-months are your key.







The energy exchange for each month is $500, but if you secure payment for the entire 6 months, then a 20% discount is on offer.

To know more, contact Paulamie via the Contact Form, explaining your deal.






The energy exchange for each month is $550, but if you secure payment for the entire 6 months, then a 25% discount is on offer.

To know more, contact Paulamie via the Contact Form, explaining your deal.