TALISMANS are age-old traditions used in all religions, spiritual traditions with one name or the other.They are the physical manifestation of the “Power, Energy, Frequency” we seek from the “Cosmos” or the “Angels-Higher Self-Supreme Being”.

When Talismans are used, they work along with the Dreams-Goals-Visions-Desires of the Seeker to not only help during a meditative state but during an actual work, meeting, situation.

Carrying a well-programmed and powered Talisman is like having a Super-Hero of your own!!!!

Each Talismans are prepared according to your wishes.

How are Talismans created by Paulamie?

  • After you purchase one depending upon your unique requirement and asking advise from Paulamie or letting your Angels/Inner-God decide that for you, you fill a sheet stating your requirements.
  • For the next 15 Days Mantras, Affirmations, Homa, Sacred Symbols and Archangel power is used to program and power-charge your Talisman according to your special needs.
  • It’s then dispatched to you with some instructions that you need to carry while using the Talisman for manifestation, for changing a situation, for attracting your desires.
  • Paulamie is always available to speak to you about any questions or feelings or experiences you’ve thereof.


Crystals carved as “Angel” are one of the best to carry with you when you need protection from “Energy Vampires”, somebody who’s deliberately trying to “harm you” or when you don’t trust the situation or the people you’re in.

They are also used to promote Physical well-being, mental + emotional well-being (Healing + Transforming Panic, Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Low Self-Esteem, Doubts).

They are also good to promote Luck where success, clients and money is concerned.

The GANESHA Talisman

GANESHA is revered in different cultures, traidtions (spiritual + religious) as HE is associated with the Supreme Cosmic Power. 

He is the Lord of the Cosmic Beings thus the Lord of the Angels and Archangels. If you’ve difficulty in connecting to the Angels, Higher Cosmic Spirits, Fairies, Unicorns, then connecting to Ganesha is your best bet!!!!!

Paulamie programs and power-charges Ganesha Archetypes for Success-Money-Healing of roadblocks/Closed Doors.


Rose Quartz Crystal in of Heart-Shaped Form is for, 

Attracting + deepening + manifestingyour own love for yourself, so there’s no self-sabotaging patterns in your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Attracting + deepening + manifestingyour Soul-Mate or Soul-Familyso you live a fulfilled, happy and love-induced life.