A little pain, a little heartache and a little courage will all it takes to move ahead. This full moon in Gemini is all about the maintaining that inner peace and calm with anyway leads to happiness. A lot of emotions going around and about but in a good way this will create clear visions of your wants, needs and intentions in your relationships, your goal, your future or the manifestations you contemplate sooner.

It’s a little strange when you will see that some of your desires were so not aligned to you and even then, you have been working for them. This is a time of few emotional surprises too. If you are in a relationship that is marking growth for both of you will find it deepen and love will be more, but if you are in an abusive relationship you will gain the courage to move out.

Many a times we don’t even see what is lying in front of us but this full moon will make sure that you do, so some strange and unwelcome changes.

Believe me universe plays the right music all the time, so believe in this pain too is your highest goo, believe in this super tender love when you can’t see anything else is for your highest good.

At times you might feel a little burdened by things, the changes and shifts happening but that will strengthen your inner being. You are not losing but gaining.

Since this is the last full moon of 2017, and has a flavor of 2018, remember to keep your thoughts at the right place, the place and desires you want to manifest for yourself. There might be some depression setting in but as you work with your third eye, you will attract the healing, the control and thus the success.

Meditate regularly because you don’t want to be disillusioned by the changes that awaits all of us in 2018, the “11” gateway year!!!!!


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