This New Moon is the last one of the magical year of manifestation 2017 and it’s all about change. This time of the year, we all contemplate and analyze our life, and you’ll find great many changes that has already happened during this year and surprisingly you have changed a lot too.

This new moon in Sagittarius is attracting more changes and remember transformation of our inner world is what is needed to manifest the joy, happiness & fulfillment we are looking forward to.

Angels say that this energy is attracting a lot of abundance in both your personal & professional life. In the professional life things will be good and there will be some amazing results for you. But many of you might not agree to the personal front after a few days into the new moon energy, because there will be so much change and transformation, completion and new beginnings that the emotions we so hold onto will seem to scatter and without any good.

Changes may be difficult but as we allow the divine will to work through our life it becomes easy to see the happiness waiting just around the corner.

Allow the expansion, allow the transformation, allow the magic to unfold.

There is also an urge for balance now in you. You might feel that you’ve been doing a lot of things to bring balance but still there are challenges, which simply means that the real balance is lacking which asks for contemplation. Meditate and stop judging, allow and flow with the universe and balance will happen inevitably.

Let go off everything that’s not serving for your highest good, as this is the right time!!!!! 2018 is near and you won’t want to miss the energy then.

So many things are being said about the energies of 2018, but remember if you are not ready things will be difficult for you. So, start preparing now, its high time!!!!


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