Taurus Full Moon Ritual for Abundance November 2017

The Full Moon in Taurus brings in the mighty attraction of our manifestation in the form of success in physical reality.

Since, Full Moon in Taurus opens the way to abundance, prosperity, manifestation & love; the day must be utilized with a ritual to capture the magnificent energy.

Rituals are all about making our own mind conscious of our intentions, our dreams & desires so that the thought pattern and emotions that we exude aligns themselves to these energies.

We alone can create our world and we alone can manifest our desires into this physical reality. So, each and every ritual that we do is to imbibe new patterns of belief within or to change the belief that we already have.

Full Moon doesn’t change and manifest for you within a day but it ensures that your being is so aware that it works through the right channel and creates success. With the Full Moon energy it’s easier to take the next steps every single day.

For this ritual you need to be clear about your dreams, visions and goals. Write down your intentions in a paper as in what you want. If you need an intention sheet, write to me.

When you have set your intentions clearly, you are awakening the energy of your subconscious to your wants.

Tools for the Ritual:

White Candle

Sage for smudging

Tarot Cards or their images – The Magician, The Empress, Nine of Pentacles, The Sun, Ten of Pentacles

Crystals – Amethyst and Green Jade

The Technique:

Choose the place where you will do this ritual. It’s always good to do it where you sit daily for meditating or at your alter if you have one.

Light the candle and while doing it remember your intentions for this ritual that is, why are you doing it?

As the candle burns focus on the flame of it for some time, let yourself get centered with the beauty of the fire.

Now with the sage smudge the space well. Start with where you are sitting, and all the tools needed for the ritual, then move to your left, right, back and front. While you smudge hold the intention of clearing all redundant and unwanted energies and the energies which are not working for your highest good.

Place the tarot in the same sequence as below:












As you place them, one by one remember that they are attracting for your health, love, wealth, abundance & prosperity of every kind. Place the amethyst on the right side and green jade on the left side of the tarot arrangement.

Now write your intentions in the paper, all those desires, dreams and visions you have for yourself. The intentions can be of prosperity, abundance, changes you want to see within you, love that you want to attract, new job that you are looking for and loving relationships.


As you finish writing the intentions, place it just after the tarot arrangement so that it touches the last card.

Now, look at the candle flame and let it’s aura wash over you. Look at the tarot arrangement now.

Now closing your eyes , take purposeful deep breaths and know that when you are inhaling you are imbibing the energy of success, abundance & prosperity from the tarot and when you are exhaling, you are sharing the success and happiness of your life to others. While exhaling if you want to remember anybody, do that.

Let this continue till some time.

Now, slowly when you inhale remember that you are inhaling all your desires into your reality of physical life and when you are exhaling its all the challenges and blockages that is leaving your life.

Keep breathing deeply with awareness.

Slowly open your eyes and place the crystals in the same order beside your intention sheet. Give thanks to the Moon Goddess and the Angels of light for helping you and supporting you.

Keep this sheet for the next 3 days to absorb the energy of Full Moon and do the meditation daily for these 3 days.

Happy Full Moon!!!


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