The 3 Mantras that will Change Your Life

Our life starts with sound and throughout living, we seldom find peace without hearing something. We are irrevocably attached to sound at the primordial level.

The Vedanta, Upanishads and the Bible, talk about the universe being created through sound, thus placing sound in one of the most important classes of our entire life system.


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 

  • Genesis 1:3

The sound we create through words, forming sentences becomes laden with the energy of intention. As with the intention of God uttered through HIS words the whole universe came into being through the light. It simply means that the vibrations of a particular sound hold a lot of importance and can be used to help our self.

The sound is important because the vibrational frequency it holds have special powers to change and alter a situation a person and practically whole life. So, when these sounds are arranged in a particular way, they form mantras and when these mantras are used, can produce amazing results for us.

Sounds works at our cellular level. We should not forget that when sound is produced inside water, the ripple effect takes place. This effect takes time to subside thus transferring its vibrations throughout the whole body of water. And our body is 60-70% of fluids/water, so the effect of sound is amazing.

Which is why what we are speaking becomes so much more important than we place on it.

When one is down and out, depressed, angry, frustrated over the evil world where nothing’s going the right way, a powerful mantra can change all those difficulties, when fear is paramount and we don’t know what to do or how to proceed, the right mantra helps us remember our true worth and establishes our depleting confidence and self-worth.

Mantras can be used for both healing and attract what we want. The 3 mantras I’m going to speak about are important ones and holds so much energy that within a week of reciting them consistently, one can encounter changes within.




AUM simply means our conscious state of being, subconscious and super-conscious state of being. It is connected to the 3 main aspects of Supreme Being, the Parabrahma. One is Bishnu, the creator, second is Brahma, the nurture, and the third is Shiva the destroyer.

Aum is the first sound of the universe so the Vedanta and Upanishads say.


When OM reverberates increasingly

Within the heart, that one is indeed blessed

And deeply loved as one who is the Self.


~ Katha Upanishad


Chanting Aum helps us raise our frequency higher than the negative and unwanted energies in our life and so we are able to attract situations and people who are there for each other’s highest good. Aum also clears the aura of a space and helps in changing our outlook. It’s a pretty strong mantra and if meditated upon for a long time gives the meditator very strong third eye and strong energy to live a life of their own desires.



The Jewel in the Lotus

This mantra is said to be the mantra of compassion and forgiveness. It is the mantra of the great Tibetan teacher, the Bodhisattva of compassion & mercy.

The mantra is highly powerful and it acts as a perfect cleanser to one’s karmic retributions, family karma, and past life karma. As one recites it, there is a feeling of calm inside.

Whenever a person who practices this mantra goes by there is a sense of peace and love, very rare in today’s world. It’s also being said that as one chant this mantra, it also helps anybody and everybody within its vicinity.

It’s a miracle inducing mantra.










The general meaning of this mantra is, “We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illumine our intellect”.

Since the Sun is also a nourisher, so in eastern spirituality it’s stated to be the Sun mantra and like the Sun bestows brightness of intellect, health, and success in life. This mantra is also immensely helpful in manifesting our desires if we use it wisely.

These 3 mantras, when used in a particular way, can bestow a life of amazing happiness, fulfillment, and manifestation.

I’ve been using all these three mantras whenever required and have never been disappointed. Although chanting and placing the intention in a particular way is very important which many of us are not aware of.

Intention and the right way of putting it to the mantra, also known as “Intention Prayer” can be very helpful. The vibration of the intention prayer can be varied but the results always fruitful.

The initial results might come in the form of lightness inside you, in your body, a happiness that will be difficult to let go and some magic attractions with the right situation, person might happen for fulfilling your dreams.

Use the magical mantras for yourself and change your life!!!!


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