Crystals can do wonders when molded in certain archetypes of powers, which is why a wand is better at healing issues in work/business than any other shape, as a heart-shaped crystal is better for opening the heart-center, to heal trauma and sadness and attract love/soulmates.

When a higher power archetype is molded into the crystal it becomes immensely powerful and a constant support + help in every situation. It heals, expands, evolves, ascends and manifests. When you’ve this special crystal archetype it’ll become your personal talisman which is more effective than anything else.

GANESHA – is the bringer of prosperity and abundance, He protects, destroys any and all obstacles in one’s path to attain prosperity + abundance.

In Hindu mythology He is the Son of Shiva, the supreme yogi and the first ray of Will + Power and Goddess Parvati, embodiment of Prakriti, the Divine Feminine/Divine Goddess. This gives Ganesha the lineage of having the powers of the both the aspects of the Supreme Being/Lord, which makes Him and His assistance so special.

Paulamie charges + programs this crystal with the abundance and prosperity inducing energy from Ganesha, His Angel Brigade, His Seed Sound and more. It’s been charged continuously for 15 days. The charging varies with prosperity goals and how you’ll like to receive your talisman.

How can it work for you?

  • At this moment Paulamie is offering the talisman to attract windfalls and miracles of money. She’s offering this to anybody who wish to buy it and for those who buys her “INCREASE your MONEY-POWER” Course for 20% off. 
  • This MONEY TALISMAN of GANESHA has the power to attract money, create situations to attract and reap money-power and will also destroy any and all obstacles there is.
  • If you have any specific goals in regards to money, then this talisman can be charged for the specific goal or you can just buy it with its initial charge and programming of attracting prosperity.
  • With Ganesha, Paulamie will send you details about keeping it well charged and cleansed. She will also provide a practice (free) for anyone who chooses to program it with their specific goals.


$ 216


$ 150

Frequently asked questions

Ganesha is associated with India, but that doesn’t mean He isn’t for everybody. This Cosmic Spirit works for anyone who lovingly calls on Him. He is the Lord of the Divine Beings, the Cosmic Spirits which are known as Angels, Archangels, Nature Fairies, Gnomes and the likes in different part of the world. As they work without boundaries of religion, nations, sect, Ganesha too helps everybody.

Yes, He is always ready to uplift, expand and evolve every being who are interested and requests for help. He is the savior of the downtrodden, the depressed, the broke. His support & love is so readily given that one can see changes within a few days while other ritual takes a lifetime.

Ganesha is highly benevolent, compassionate and loving. You can talk to Him about everything that’s not working in your life. His reach is with every Cosmic spirit however high & mighty they are, which is why Ganesha takes half the time to reciprocate the manifestations than others.

Be loving and respectful towards Him and He will see to it that you’re receiving your divine abundance effortlessly & easily.

There’s nothing to fear. As said earlier Ganesha is the most benevolent and compassionate Cosmic Spirit, always ready to help. He is powerful and uses that power for the good of people.

If you feel that things haven’t been what they should be, ask Ganesha for divine protection from all negativities, jealous + evil eyes and psychic attacks. Although the best part of Ganesha is when we ask His help to manifest something, the first thing He does is remove all obstacles/roadblocks even without asking. It may be that’s what going on or if you still feel you need protection to start moving forward, ask.

Paulamie after your purchase will give you proper instructions on “How-to”.

After you purchase, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to be filled. You will be able to share your details there. Paulamie will start her work after she receives this “form” completed by you. When you receive the Crystal Archetype, you will be sent complete instructions for using it, handling it, speaking to it and charging it.

After you send the completed form, Paulamie will start the process within 48 hrs. within which she’ll clarify anything that needs to be clear. After 15 days of energy-programming, she will send it to you on 16th day and within a week after that your savior will be with you.

Throughout this process, you’ll be kept informed.