This month’s (OCTOBER) Healing Circle will be focussing on healing the,
Root Charka-Sex Chakra: poverty/lack consciousness, fear of loss, unhealthy obsession with money, the power of not finishing anything, obsession with Sex/Sensuality, fear of expressing sensuality
Navel Chakra: Fear of self, self-sabotaging behaviour/thoughts/emotions, falling in same karmically abusive relationships, fear of success
Heart Chakra: Energies of Bitterness, sadness from past, people, unforgiving attitude, emotional trauma, emotional manipulations
Third Eye: Stubbornness, jealousy, lousiness, laziness, attitude of giving up quickly
Crown Chakra: Not having any understanding of one’s path, one’s life, career, relationships
SUN, MOON, MERCURY & VENUS all are in SCORPIO, a very intimidating energy which is affecting us next 15-20 days.
The time for Inner-God Vibrations Group Healing Session is 7.30 pm EDT on 31st October.

What is Inner-God Healing Circle?

Healing is one of the most important tools that nature has given us. we all are capable of self-healing and magic of it, but we have truly lost touch with this power of us.

Which is why it’s necessary to know why healing is needed for our highest-good when we’re so hell-bent of only using our mind-body.

Listen to this video so that you understand more about healing. If you are a healer you already know the magic of healing.

Inner-God Healing Circle has a vision of extending healing to the entire world, to the collective human consciousness (every human), to all sentient beings and other beings on Earth & Earth.

If you feel you need of healing, you need your DNA to shift and activated to the new realities that you’re creating or will like to create then this is the place to experience the transcendental healing powers of your Higher-Self aka your Inner-God.

Join me and my friends who are willing to share their time + energy with you, to share the power of your personal Angels, your Higher-Self and your own healing energies. Heal your physical, mental, emotional health —- moving on to karma, material and spiritual to bring in conscious changes for a new reality.

FOR EACH CIRCLE every month, you’ll receive guidelines about the areas and aspects to focus and how, invocations and affirmations to be chanted during the circle to receive the healing effortlessly and also, they will increase the potency of the healing for you.

If you want to join the circle which happens @ my FB and YouTube, email me at or click at the link below to receive your guidance for the upcoming circle.

These sessions are always there for you to access, wherever you want to receive the energies.

Paulamie is an Angel, Pranic, Reiki Healer, Shamanic Practitioner. She has been using her healing capabilities since last 10+ years (coming from Ashwini Nakshatra + Virgo Ascendant) and is grateful of recovering from a deathly situation back to her own strength and feet. She feels the miracle of healing is for everybody.