The Healing-Matrix aims at creating a powerful vortex of energy to change our reality.  Whatever be the 3D version, that we see now in our life is merely an illusion waiting to be course-corrected, and is also a reflection of our own inner being, all thoughts- beliefs – emotions we hold in our conscious and subconscious, from different timelines and different lifetimes.

This session has been recently changed and is now a FREE GROUP SESSION happening every month. I wanted these group sessions so much and this has happened!!!!!

This is not for people who sit at the edge of the river and only “wish” to get wet, but for people who really want to make it happen!!!! 


Do you feel tired and drained emotionally & mentally because of constant battles with life?

Do you struggle to motivate yourself?

Are you going through “intense” life changes and finding it hard to know what to create or manifest?

Are you looking for complete confidence in yourself and your ability to build what you want?

Are you struggling with willpower, well-being and healing?

Do you want to improve your lifestyle?

Are you really serious about your dreams and your vision and to make life work for you?

If you answer yes to two or more of the questions above, then this monthly-journey is especially for you.

Resonating with higher frequency and keeping us empowered is not a one-day job and can’t be done without any group as well as without any consistent practice.

The Healing-Matrix is here to provide you the gateway to not let your ego-self rule you and tell you, that your well-being and dreams aren’t important, not letting the trash-talk affect you, either coming from you or anyone else, not letting anybody manipulate you into difficulty, narcissism and into negative life cycles, not only thinking of changing life, but doing so in every way possible.

According to a research on approximate number of thoughts, is said to be around 60,000 a day. We repeat most of these thoughts, say 95% of it without even been aware of them, and not to say most of them are self-depreciating, ego trash-talk and negative talk about everything else. Only around 20-30% of it can be labelled as neutral or positive. And if you have read “Buddha’s Brain” you already know that, “Human brains are wired to pay more attention to the negative. It’s called negativity bias and it’s a natural, evolutionary response designed to keep us alive”.

“The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones.”
– Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

We you sign up – 

  📝 Within a day (24 hrs. of signing up) you will get an email with timing and all other details.

  📝 A pdf with all the details of Affirmations/Soul-Invocations, Angel, Angel-symbol that we’ll work through during the Group Session.

  📝 You don’t have to buy any candle, any crystal, any oils or herbs, as everything will be worked out for you by us. 

  📝 On the day of the session be present 5. ins before so as not to miss anything.

  📝 You will also receive detailed Channeled message for the group.

  📝 Be open to receiving the powerful energy as you see-listen to the video/audio.

How is this a Game-Changer?

Every week you will have powerful mindfulness at your finger-tips, with the

  🔥 Right Affirmations

  🔥 Right Visualization

  🔥 Journaling Prompts

  🔥 Right Meditation

  🔥 Sacred Angel-Symbols for great health, career, prosperity, abundance in relationships & love

  🔥 Angel & Kundalini Flow Healing to back you up

which will help create new neuro- sensory experiences and new bonds in your neurons that will assist you in being more aware, awakened, positive, peaceful, happier, and powerful you!!!

Take this Healing-Matrix Group-session as your "Me-time", prioritizing your dreams and visions, your life & most importantly yourself and see lifetime changes happening in months!!!