Do you believe in the VOWS you may have made in your different incarnations, in different timelines? Well if you don’t, try answering these questions, with – “Yes, No, Maybe, Haven’t analyzed“,


If your answer is “yes” to 3 or more questions you know what’s true!!

Vows haven’t been spoken a lot in the “healing” or “manifesting” communities, because of their elusive nature and how our subconscious tries to keep it hidden from us. Many a times the vows are just strong words spoken so convincingly that the inner-matrix starts creating situations for those words be a reality in your life, lifetimes and timelines doesn’t matter.

What happens when we are born?

We have birthed in different timelines and lifetimes, and through all this, we have one thing in common, and that’s our DNA structure, which can be physical 3D level structure or etheric 5D level structure. The DNA-matrix in us has many functions some of them being bringing the subconscious matrix in reality (they carry in them) and can become an ally to Master individuals for changing and creating a new matrix in them.

Whenever we’re born our DNA structure will always carry all the subconscious functions we’ve created through our words-belief-focus. So even if we’ve taken a particular vow or spoken some strong words with conviction in a very different timeline and lifetime, it’s still true to us if we’ve not released them yet.

So, whatever be your age (your “age” is your authentic-self’s age – Soul age), be it in thousands or lakhs doesn’t matter, if the vow isn’t released, isn’t healed, it’s still there.

What are the VOWS?

The vows mainly pertain to 8 kinds, related to life of austerity, like the

            Vow of poverty

            Vow of Celibacy

            Vow of Chastity

            Vow of embracing Silence

            Vow of never Defending

            Vow of never owning anything

            Vow of never accepting Success-Name-Fame

            Vow of abstaining from luxury


Then there are many other vows too, like;

            Vow of abstaining from entertaining oneself

            Vow of not eating at inappropriate times

How Vows affect us?

Vows are something that are an altered reality, meaning a state of being which wasn’t there earlier, or which wasn’t explored or activated in our life is now active and thriving, making our life miserable because the times have changed as well as our own inner-matrix but these stagnant energies don’t.

Take for example the Vow of not entraining, which may have started creating your lone existence. You may be a person who likes socializing or having friends around but because you have an altered reality engraved in your subconscious now, so you can’t have friends and a social life. The situations that are being created in your life can be many, like people not liking you enough to be friends, you like somebody or maybe you like a group and want to be in that group, but as soon as you approach the group members take a dislike to you without reason or the person you want to be friends with doesn’t like you. And these are not just one-time incidents, somebody who has this vow, they will encounter hatred, dislike throughout their life and even on sight without logical reasoning.

Let’s look at another example, that of “not eating at inappropriate time”. I have also heard about a vow of not cooking and depending upon others to share their meal. Now what happens is that if you have in your life suddenly started overeating, like at odd times and you find immense satisfaction in that or that your anxiety or stress lessens when you tend to eat at odd times, you will do just that. Even if you’re gaining unhealthy fats and cellulites it doesn’t matter. In this case what is happening is the inner-matrix is changing in you so fast that its rebelling against the vow which is stagnant and keeping stagnant creating a lot of blocks and challenges in you emotionally which is translating as anxiety-fear-doubt-stress. So, the changing inner-system is posing a threat to it by overeating.

There are two scenarios I’m speaking about with the vows, one is when they directly create scenarios in our life to sustain themselves, and the other is when our system, our inner-grid rebels against these redundant systems because when everything is changing and these vows aren’t, our inner-prana will do anything to reveal them to us, so we can work consciously through them.

Please know that without our “conscious” work the vows remains just there in our system, so how many times you’ve had a healing doesn’t matter, if you have had an Akashic Records reading you will know about the vows, if you haven’t then be very aware of your body, your reactions and the recurring situations in your life in your finances, your relationships, your career, because they will be telling.

How to overcome the Vows?

The simplest yet the most powerful method is using a fire-ritual with the right invocations. “Invocations” are vows too, taken in alignment with then Source-Angels and our Higher-Self and have immense power. When they are used with Fire element, we connect directly to our life-force which helps in clearing out/ releasing the vows along with our conscious use of right words.

I have a meditative visualization for it specially, that we’ve used in the first months’ Healing-Matrix. This is a powerful vow-release meditation, and can help you understand the vows that you have taken.

If you want to clear them, use fire ritual.

What I am using for this Fire-Ritual

I have created an enchanted candle with the right invocations programmed in it.

Blockbuster Oil for removing anything that can block the release of the vows and rearrangement of the matrix.

Abundance Oil for easing the process of releasing the vows and creating the right inner-environment with better thoughts and changed beliefs.

Obsidian Angel for providing powerful “Saturnian energy” for protection, banishing and shielding.

Dragon’s Blood for strengthening the protection power of Obsidian Angel as well as for the Invocations.

Dried Lavender for protection and purification of the lingering vow energies.

Sage for strengthening the cleansing process and creating an aura of good luck charm.

Cinnamon for grounding and brining the effects of the healing and releasing into your 3D reality.

When you bring the energy of your conscious mind to the releasing of these unconscious vows which are still driving our life, controlling it is more like it, without our knowledge, then the healing & release is powerful.

Understand that these Vows can have many layers depending upon in how many lifetimes you have strengthened it, so coming back to the meditation every month can show real and fast changes and success.

The Healing-Journey video is shared below.

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