URANUS is a planet of revolutionary changes, abrupt and non-seen, never-thought kind of changes!!!

It is regarded as a game changer for everything big and small. Knowing us and our earth in terms of souls and beings there’s nothing small here and so big changes are to be revealed to us with Uranus moving into Taurus.

Uranus is like a lightning bolt and it brings everything with this speed and with the same kind of effect. So, there’ll be awakenings, harsh shifts, energy change in everything or it can be beautifully flowing for you.

When URANUS comes into a planet it affects it drastically, as its now in TAURUS. TAURUS is the sign of wealth, money, currency and prosperity as a whole, so now URANUS which is linked to electronics, gadgets, light, will become closely entwined with the currency.



It will be creating many changes in wealth quotient from a individuals’ level to a country’s and there might be many changes in the electronics sector, many new discoveries which will set a completely new phased for the future of the world at large.

URANUS also gives visions, so many of the tarot readers, numerologists, astrologers and people related to visionary work will see shifts happening in their life.


Uranus on a personal level will give most of us a jumpy attitude, hastiness, no patience can become our sore point in life. For many of us, it can also be welcoming courage into our life, welcoming change and freedom of some sort. Uranus is breaking free, a rebellion not only for the sake of it for to shake off all that isn’t working in our lives, and on the global level not working in the society. So there will be a change in the societal rules, how people tend to see different aspects, institutions and the way things have been working. There are chances of rebellion on every level and doesn’t matter if your body’s age is 19 or 90, the feeling of this passionate energy to grab hold of the freedom you’ve so long longed-for will be very strong.

Many of us will be surprised as to what was inside us and will surprise many others too. Taurus is also a sign of earthly desires, stability and seeking comfort and beauty and every move of us will be aligning all those demands of our life. But Uranus is also an awakener, so the earth has to merge with the sky, so to say literally the desires here of the earthy kind has to find alignment with the soul and so the manifestations will be abrupt, change-inducing and something one has never thought of.

Definitely, these drastic changes are not for everybody but everyone will be affected to a certain degree.

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