Vipassana – The Art of Living & Dying

You are not called on your life path until it’s the right time, and when does the right time comes in?

When you have enough good karma to carry it off.

I have been trying to go to Vipassana since last 4 years but wasn’t getting the right opening. But when manifestation starts, it covers all aspects of one’s life.

The miracles were there even before we decided for the meditation trip. My husband is an on & off meditator which has been a bone of contention between us but not lately. I was practicing detachment with everything including him since the last 1.5 years and suddenly one day when we have finally decided on our holiday trip, he says to me, “Why don’t we go to Vipassana for our vacation?”

So, the miracles started!!!!! We booked into the last place we got hold of free seats in Wisconsin. Just before the journey, I received a doc which I was really looking forward since quite some time. It happened that we were to leave on Monday and I got the doc on Sunday maybe delivered a day before.

Then we landed at the hotel where our stay was upgraded to the suite while we have booked a normal room.

This is not the end yet. The taxi that we have booked from the hotel had some issues and the transport has to be changed by the company and we were given a luxury car.

So we reach there and the trip really starts.

For me just being there was magical and when I started seeing some of the participants I was awestruck. Because I haven’t met my soul-group members since a long time and it’s just one glimpse, like coming out of the car or even sitting beside you for a few seconds and you know that you know the person since a long time, long before the present lifetime.



I have started connecting with a few of them, and I hope I will connect with everybody because during the 10 days I have not even spoken to a few as I believe that soul calls to the soul groups in its own way and own time. So, I am waiting and those who have already contacted me, I am in touch.

The meditation of 10 days requires you to be silent, in words, thoughts and actions. You have to meditate 10 hours every day starting from 4.30 am in the morning till 9 pm in the night. You can’t touch others, look at others, and your proper meal ends at 12 noon, when the lunch hour is over. After that at 5 pm you can only have tea and a little snack.

As I started the first day, by evening I was so disillusioned as to what I am doing here, that I thought I will quit and think of it, I have been meditating since my preteens and am an Energy Channel to the Angels and Divine even before I started my professional journey in this field 5+ years ago.

But the day end discourses where you meet the person Mr. S. N. Goenka who spread it worldwide, helped me a lot. And so it started, that every day whatever he would speak off, it would seem it was to me, for me and some of the others felt it too.

On the 1st day the first technique is given and one has to work through it for 3 days. On the 4th day the 2nd technique is given and as soon as we were asked to focus on a part of stomach, I immediately felt that I have known this meditation before and I started crying. Well crying is very common there, so it’s good. Later I was trying to remember when have I done it and in meditation I received the answer, that in one of my births, and so I was fortunate enough to reach it again, or say it has called me now.

My miracles didn’t end here, as I was in some difficult situation. As a person who has been working with energy for so long I don’t see a person’s face, but I meet their energy and knowing what others think of you and the energy of love and repulsion coming from others makes it difficult to be fully silent.

But if you are serious about your change and changing your world, one needs to stick to it and I tried my level best because that’s what matters!!!!!

I had amazing experience on the 5th day which I haven’t shared with anyone apart from a little to one of my friends there but not the full and important details because it was intended to me not to. The next day proved difficult because during meditation I had a real bad chocking sensation which went on for many minutes and I sat there with only my sheer will power. It was that moment my soul spoke to me and asked me to do one of the techniques which gave me instant relief and I broke down.

That same night, I gave in to this choking sensation and was so unwell that the instructor thought that I should go to the emergency, but she was also sure that if I fully trusted, I could pull it off. So I stayed and never had to leave the course.

Time was showing me how to be tolerable & compassionate and have courage to face what is to be faced, and that is what I did exactly. I have been working with opening my heart chakra for quite some time and I have been successful to some levels, but the real tests provided here only proved to me that I can reach higher.

For me Vipassana was not just a meditation, but a practice that I have already integrated in my daily life, and this course was a testimonial for me that I am walking the right path as well as it taught me a technique which is proving wonderful to me.

I have got immediate results and much more and among them is one incident of my flight fright. I never ever had an easy flight and I would feel uneasy, too nauseous and headachy, neck pain and what not. But this is the first ever flight of my life which turned out to be fun and free of all difficulties.

I wanted to share this because I feel there is a lot of wrong knowledge about meditation. People think that only in grave difficulty you approach meditation, whereas the sure sought way to be happy and peaceful in life is to meditate. When one meditates even the physical science has proven how we overcome our mental and emotional complications, problems, issues easily. Meditation opens our mind so much that difficulties doesn’t remain difficulty any more.

Research also shows that all successful people (the kind we term as successful), meditate. One of my course mate was talking to me about and said that people think that only in difficulty one needs meditation and they also say they are happy. I replied, that they THINK they are, but they are not. And she said then, how can they be happy when they are angered so easily, feel so much anxiety and distress and are stressed out.

To all who have listened to or have read my vlog/blog I request you to give meditation a chance in your life so that you can understand fully “WHO YOU REALLY ARE!!!!”


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