I’m revamping my “Attract & Create with Angels of Manifestation Course”, as I’m including ways and means to grow our inner power, our spiritual gifts which are more than the calir-abilities. And with each video I’m sharing all the new meditations, angel rituals and manifestation techniques I’m including in this new revamped course.

If you want to join me in this, you have to email me at, which I’m writing below or your convenience. I’ll also start sharing with you via email some Worksheets with different videos of this series as we go along building this new course.

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Now lets start with this session!!!!!

And I’m trying to use the angelic help to ascend and uplift, in such a way that we’re able to raise our energy without any help, to have our gifts and powers back to us, so every time I want something, you want something, we don’t have to always look for ways and means but we already know and are shown the right path to it, attract the right people for it.

So through the Angels of Manifestation we not only become a tool for the same but also connect with our Spirit, the ultimate source of all, the All, Inner-God is what I call it.

So when we’re connected strongly to the source with the help of Angels, we don’t have any dearth, any lack in any area of our life. We slowly fall into balance, get amazing miracles every day in our life. And whatever situation we’re in, whichever country, region we’re inhabiting it doesn’t matter.

And the best way we can connect to our higher-self, our Inner-God is by knowing about our mission here on earth, by connecting to our soul-purpose which we can through our Astrological Chart.

Our natal or astrology chart is a blueprint of our soul (that’s us)  and why we’re here. If you’ve an astrologer who is a spiritually awakened one, the they may tell you.

Our Rising Sign, our Ascendant is one of the ways we know our past life and why are we living this one. This blueprint of our soul also tells us about our personality and since I’m studying vedic astrology and working with Esoteric astrology too, to truly understand this science and this is all about “Spiritual Counselling”, about what you’ve had had in early lifetimes, why you’re here and how to endure and rise above so called bad times. So if your astrologer is playing God, move on.

If you know your Rising Sign then you’ll learn your Soul’s purpose here, and which Archangel group works best with it. It doesn’t mean you should not work with the other Angels, but whenever you feel your shadow side is rearing its head and not letting you stay on your path to growth, you should definitely use these Angel groups.

The natal chart, the blueprint of our soul and why we’re here is also imprinted on our DNA, the past is hooked there but in a different way. So when you’re working with the Angels depending on what you chart says about you, you aren’t only changing, healing but you are transforming the blueprint to what your Higher-self intends for you as you learn and grow out of your shadow and work on your life path. And using Angels for it helps us find our home faster.

Let’s dive in.

The ASCENDANT or the RISING SIGN is the sign the was rising on the eastern horizon, when you birthed on earth. The rising sign is said to be the soul of the descendent, that’s us in our physical body.

It reveals a lot about our past life and the lessons that we’re here to learn and grow. Our physical body, the height, weight and personality (body) depends on this rising sign. The rising sign also reveals who we really are inside at heart. While the Sun and Moon sign may give you a part of personality, it’s the rising sign that truly gives deeper insights into a person, our spirituality and our beliefs are also associated with the Rising Signs.

If Sun is looked upon as the soul in Vedic astrology, the Rising Sign is the path of that soul, which it chose to follow this lifetime.

It becomes, thus easy for us to associate with a group of Angels and Archangels. Another fact is that if your Rising Sign is in aries then you’ll like to look at the sign just opposite the house of Aries which is the 1st house, to Libra which is the 7th house. So these polar opposites work like each other in Rising Signs, so if you’re a Taurus Rising your soul work will be ward off something that’s’ feels like a shadow side of Scorpio and vice versa.

ARIES Rising:

You are here to bring the light of new beginnings, motivation and inspiration and to teach & learn about the “right use of will”. You’re here to look beyond the problems and finding portals of new opportunities and be of service.

The rising Aries is a expression of self-awareness about using the will-power in the right way for the collective.

Aries rising is both the 1st Ray of Will & Power & the 7th ray of Ceremonial Order. RAM, is the “head of the Cosmic supreme”, thus making them synonymous to “The Mind”, where everything in this cosmos started.  

You’ll work amazingly with AA Michael and his group of warriors. You need to protect yourself from being impatient and negativity, which you’ve a lot in your beliefs as well as your thoughts. The angels of this group, can slay any demons that’s creating havoc in your thoughts.

Work with AA Zadkiel to help you move beyond your set visions so that you can bring far more for you than you really thought by expanding your vision and also expanding your personality and helping you reconnect with your strong core.



The purpose of Taurus rising is to bring in calm & peace within their being thus radiating it further. Taurus is totally connected to this material world so they’re super-attached to the pleasures. Their soul mission is to detach and thus channel the higher energy in this material world.

TAURS SIGN also can become highly illumined as BUDDHA. He was a Taurus rising sign. Having said that humans with high vibrational frequency don’t get affected by planetary positions or even the rising signs. They forge their own path.

But there’s a possibility of turning those material attachment in spiritual goals and creating a high energy Taurus.

Taurus is also about beautifying everything from materialism, sexuality to spirituality, esoterism, thus freeing oneself from attachment.

Taurus is about the 4th Ray of Harmony through conflict.

 AA Chamuel and this groups cosmic spirits are your right partner, letting you understand everything from the perspective of higher love & beauty. Helping you see beyond the material and selfish needs.

 Intuitively I also feel that AA Christiel will also be able to help you as She is all about connection with our higher-purpose through our heart, so our thoughts and actions are all heart-centered.



The purpose of all Gemini rising is to create a balance between Yin & Yang, here meant for the dual world, for the Soul and the body, for the life and the higher frequency. You’re here to embrace the duality of life and mind, thoughts, emotions. You’ve to flow with the currents of life and not block it in any way, neither by demanding your own way, nor by resisting any change. Thus creating a ground so unique to your action that no other signs have.

Its not about finding the balance, its about creating a totally new one and learning surrender and detachment will help you lead your life beautifully.

You’re related to the 2nd Ray of Love/Wisdom.

 AA Jophiel seems to be your best AA group. Ask her and her cosmic spirits to help you connect to your life purpose without drama or difficulty. She will also help you find the flow and create a new balance. Intuitively I feel this balance can be maintained with AA Raziel too. So, work with both these groups to bring in the required reality for your highest good.



Learning adaptability in every circumstance is your soul’s mission along with developing compassion and spreading it.

You always seek “Home” never understanding your unhappiness even when you have the “Home”. And this is what your life-purpose is, to bring the right foundation, the right “home” to yourself which means seeking your Soul and finding the courage to help others with it.

If a cancer rising is bitter, lost, angry, jealous, it’s simply because it hasn’t found the true foundation of its life, the incarnation thus proving futile.

Giving and receiving compassion, kindness, love and spreading beauty and happiness is what you should start with if you want to walk the path to your true “Home”.

Cancer is associated with Ray 3rd and Ray 7th. The 3rd Ray is Active Intelligence and is also called the “Mother Ray”. And Ray 7th is of Ceremonial Order,

AA Chamuel & AA Metatron/Zadkiel will work wondrous for you, helping you open your heart and seek refuge in the cosmic consciousness of home and not being closed minded.

 With AA Chamuel you’ll understand more of the higher-love/compassion and will know how to help yourself and others with it. AA Zadkiel & AA Metatron may bring you your life-purpose and how to play it in this world easily.



You have to look beyond yourself and work through raising your vibration, your consciousness at all levels throughout this life, in every situation. So, its like looking beyond your ego and beings self-aware of your own “Prana”, the life-energy within.

You’re also here to open your heart and express it the best way possible. You need to detach from YOUR outcomes, YOUR goals, YOUR wishes and take a bird’s eye view at your life and then work & understand how to be in a group setting and how to give without it being just for standing out. Giving your charisma is why you’ve got it and you’re here to remember that.

Leo is associated with the First and Fifth Rays of manifestation.

AA Michael and AA Raphael are your Angel companion, and will work best with you as you’ve a dual task, of opening your heart and letting the energy flow through it (forgiveness).

 While AA Raphael can detach you from the outcomes you seek, you can also associate with AA Metatron to show you how. You’ve to work through your vibes every moment and that kind of dedication will come through AA Michael working with you.


Virgo Rising is all about the growth and ascension of Higher-Self, the Inner-God Cosmic Light within. If you’re a Virgo Rising then the sole purpose of your Inner-God, your Soul is to allow the awakening, allow the growth, allow oneself to go from understanding oneself as a mere human in this big cosmos to the understanding that all that power is within you.

You’re here to create a place for yourself in this world and doing so while discovering your power in the higher world.

You’re here to take care and understand more of the material world while not losing sight of the spiritual. It’s like you do the work you required to do, never to forget what’s the big picture, bigger vision you’ve than you which is why you’re working.

Also, not to fall into fantasy world, not to lose track of time; ever!!!

Virgo is about the 2nd Ray of Love & Wisdom and the 5th Ray of Idealism and Devotion.

AA Raphael & AA Jophiel are your cosmic spirit group. You need to keep healing and transforming energies so that you can be a beacon of light to others and that AA Raphael can help you with. Connect with AA Jophiel to help you with understanding this material world. I feel AA Michael can help you remain totally focused on your big job & AA Christiel can help you with working with the inner shifts, inner difficulties, inner- drama and for opening your heart to your higher vision and giving it your all.


Libra Rising has the immense task of finding their rhythm in this world. Throughout your life, you may or may not find true success materially, because everything needs to be weighed this lifetime, and the challenge is to find the right action at the right time and keep doing it, and also finding the right time to let-go and keep doing that too. The rthythm of your soul has to be translated into your life.

It’s also dancing between the go-self and the higher-self, the Inner-God and know which one to chose when. Our Ego’s energy is required in this life and which is why it’s there. And finding the rhythm is important to you.

As a Libra Rising you’re here to balance that steak of anger and sense of injustice by sharing forgiveness generously and create beauty in every relationship. Even when you leave a relationship it should be done with grace & beauty and not through anger & aggression. These ACTION steps will what lead you to your innate-powers.

You’re associated with the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence.

AA Camuel can help you heal and transmute any bitterness, any frustration that may come from the failure of a venture. AA Chamuel will also help you find that right path and the right time.

 Intuitively I feel you can also call on AA Sandalphon to help you understand your destiny here and your karma so that you can live your divine reality well.


The rising sign of Scorpio is a challenging test of all the rising signs. It’s about transforming every desire, every dream into a higher goal and desire which simply means that the individualistic goals that you’ve are blended to what the Cosmic power wants of you.

The only way to learn this is through total Surrender to the Inner-God, to your higher-self at the cost of your personal dreams. If a Rising Scorpio tends to hold on to their dreams, the life become difficult day-by-day.

Scorpio is all about the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict and while a scorpio rising is going through it, they’re also required to help others through the process. The are an agent of transformation and thus the challenges.

I also means that you’re here to embrace the darkness, the uncertainty, the inner-demons. And if you don’t do it, and will rather hang out wherever you feel comfort and good, then the meaning of your life will be lost. You’re here to be a warrior, a real one who will always carry a punch against the darkness within so you can help others with their darkness.

AA Gabriel will give you stability, clear understanding o your life-path so that in difficult situations you’re far more composed and don’t let others rile you. When you connect with AA Gariel make sure to bring in His energy in your emotions to let them flow more freely.

 I also feel that you need AA Michael to be your constant best friend in every situation, and AA Jophiel too to see beyond the fear of darkness and understand that the dark is all about the light!!!!


Your soul wants you to connect to your higher-purpose and make it your mission to complete it. This higher-purpose may give them a direction in life or it can also give them a career, a vocation or just simply, the higher order of their life.

You’re devoted to your goals and when you make one you really stick to it. You also wants it to manifest fast and that kind of command and personality has to be re-directed to your higher-purpose after finding it.

You’ve such vision of this lifetime that subconsciously it scares you and you go through life with small talk, not really growing, neither your powers, nor anything else in your life. You love to keep aloof forgetting that you’re here to be the best version of a human and a soul. That said, it’s a massive task and if you let yourself connect with your authentic self you can rise to such heights that others can’t.

You’re connected with the 4th, 5th and 6th Ray of Harmony through Conflict, Concrete Science, and Idealism. Devotion.

AA Sandalphon AA Gabriel & AA Raphael is the right angel group mix for you as you’ll need the grounding required to not have the “flighty” moments and also you need to connect to your inner-wisdom and intelligence which is vast.


If you’re a Capricorn Rising you’re here to learn how to break the chains of greed & materialism and become a co-creator with the Inner-God, the higher-self. This can be both material as we’re still living a, life on earth and its important and spiritual too.

A Capricorn Rising should know that they’re here to scale massive heights while healing and transmuting their fear. They may have smaller visions, motivated only to fulfill their personal goals and family goals totally overlooking the authority & responsibility of their soul, Inner-God. That way they won’t have to feel anything. Emotional numbness is always good for them if they’re walking through the wrong path.

With Saturn as your Ruler, its difficult to start and move quickly, and if you aren’t connected to your Inner-God and your overlord, the difficulty can become frustration and can drive unhealthy reactions.

Capricorn is connected to the 1st, 3rd & the 7th Ray of Will & Power, Active Intelligence & Ceremonial Order respectively which is all about working with your higher-mind and the will of the spirit and using that power to bring rhythm and balance. Its also about bringing awareness to your life.

You need the AA group of AA Chamuel, AA Michael and AA Zadkiel who will lead you to compassion and so your true life-purpose and AA Christiel so that you know love is never self-bound, it’s the community of your soul-family you’re here to serve.


Aquarius rising has to feel the Inner-God first then help others connect to it. You’ve to feel and act on what you say to others. If you’re trying to help everybody but yourself, then it’ll never serve your purpose as you’re totally ego-centric.

The first knowledge of your Inner-God, your Soul on the higher-level is to connect and create new reality for yourself. Let that abundance flow in your life before you let it flow to others.

You’re the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom and this love should be that of the higher-form, the soul level love.

You’re here to share and care with profound generosity of heart, kindness and calmness of mind. The more you understand how to work within a group benefitting everyone, the more you shine your soul-light.

While AA Jophiel is your Angel group and will help you with your heart and with only positive and good thoughts so that the abundance you seek outside comes from within and you know that the outside is an illusion created wholly by your inner-world, your inner-reality. Intuitively I feel you can also work with AA Chamuel & AA Chrietiel are your right mates, as they will help amplify the work AA Jophiel is doing with you, through you. Call on these cosmic spirits to see the magick.


Pisces is the sign of transmutation & death. Through death of the old comes the transmutation into new.

The Inner-God of Pisces collective wants complete healing, transforming the personality from the approach of self-centerdness to that of Soul-purpose. Severing ties and creating a boundary which you stick to is very necessary this incarnation. And through this you become a complete channel to the flow of transformation for others.

The 1st Ray and 2nd Ray works with the Pisces Rising.

Pisces Rising is here to bring profound intelligence in their life as well as others. You’re here to rise above the pain and suffering and see that you as well as others find their divine purpose and their power. You’re here to end the old karmic circle and let go & release.

AA Michael AA Jophile are the right group of cosmic spirits for you. They will keep you align to your inner purpose giving you inner-strength and compassion for yourself and others. AA Michael will shield you from any harm from your ego-centerdness and from the situations that seems to threaten you again & again. You’ll understand why things are happening and will be able to teach yourself the wisdom that the Cosmos wants you to have.

 AA Jophile will help you expand your heart and keep your negative and the feel of “being a victim” emotions in control.

 You may also use the help of AA Christiel along with AA Michael for loving guidance and with AA Jophiel for forgiveness and helping yourself and others open their heart center to the universal wisdom & knowledge.

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